Weight gain during period

I have been under my calorie goal everyday for the last 23 days. I have been exercising 4-5 days a week. Boom. I get my period and I have gained 3.2 pounds. I feel like I want to cry. Intellectually, I know that it is water retention, bloating and hormones. Emotionally, it is a little discouraging. I am almost 49 years old and I feel like yelling at my body to quit it already. We are totally out of the baby business!!!!! LOL!!!! I just had to rant about this somewhere. Thanks.


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    yeah periods suck lol
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    it is really just water. If it annoys you his much just sty off the scales during this time...
  • Brownsheep, i just ranted about this yesterday. I told everyone that we should have an OFF BUTTON after we are finished having our family, because after that point, we dont need this crap anymore. I feel for ya, just try and either not weigh yourself around that time, or weigh yourself but dont let it bother you, and dont log it. I put on more than 5 pounds of water weight at any given time. My numbers can be really crazy. It bothered me at first, but i started to get used to the routine, by weighing myself everyday and just keeping track of it. Good luck
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    I don't weigh the week of my period. I know the feeling. I'm 48 and ready for this to stop. But am not sure if menopause would be any easier.
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    yup...50 and want it to go away! Just stay on track and look forward to weighing AFTER!
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    Don't worry, it will come right back off. That's just womanhood for you!
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    Also, I'm only 32 but I would like to get on that OFF button train. Y'all let me know when you find out how to make that work :wink:
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    Will you realize that you’re making lifestyle changes that will help you get fit and remain fit for the rest of your life?

    Your priority should be incorporating healthy behavior in your daily activity, because the weight will just fall off after that!

    [Elsewhere she urges people to stop looking at the scale for a reward for doing the right thing. Doing the right thing is it's own reward.]

    Excerpted from Refuse To Be A Slave To The Scale - A Black Girl's Guide To Weight Loss

  • I consider this "fake poundage"! The trick is to not get to feeling too bloated to exercise, and to keep the cravings at bay! That's what I like about the MFP reports.... I can do a 30 or 60 day report to really see how that Mother Nature week doesn't count!
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    same boat. I am up 5 pounds this week. Im crampy and dont feel good. tired (im anemic) so my workouts havent been everyday like usuall and the ones i have had are mostly half hearted. I am so done with having babies (Dh got snipped 6 years ago) I wish i could just be done with periods as well. granted i heard menopause is a *kitten* so........................
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    I see the same thing every month,..some worse than others.

    This month: saturday: 146.4 (yay, I was down)
    Monday: 148.8 (so much for that)
    Wednesday: 145.8
    Thursday: 144.4

    Now I know I didn't lose over 4lb in 2 days...

    I should mention,.. I was stuck at 148 for ever before this drop.
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    I wish I could hug each of you that replied. I cannot tell you how much encouragement you have given me not to panic and to stick with the stuff we are doing that we know is working. I feel so much better knowing that I am not alone. Thank you. . . So much!!!!
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    omg I'm glad I found this thread, I was just going to post I didn't know what was wrong with me. I join gym and have been going three weeks straight but have gained 4lbs and was so upset but didn't think it could be my period. Crossing my fingers
  • Not doing my weekly weigh in this week.... any guesses why?! Yep! Shall weigh in next week once Mother Nature moves on....!
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    Story has a happy ending. Like everyone said. About a week after my period, I stepped on the scale. Voila! All was right with the world and I was back on track! I won't freak out next time. Thanks everyone!!!
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    I have very irregular periods due to Mirena. I find my weight is a much better predictor of when they will happen than counting calendar days. I stop losing for a few days, I warn the boyf to take cover before my PMS hits!

    BrownSheep wrote: »
    Story has a happy ending. Like everyone said. About a week after my period, I stepped on the scale. Voila! All was right with the world and I was back on track! I won't freak out next time. Thanks everyone!!!

    Glad it worked out for you!
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    Story has a happy ending. Like everyone said. About a week after my period, I stepped on the scale. Voila! All was right with the world and I was back on track! I won't freak out next time. Thanks everyone!!!

    Data is a great thing. You got some new data for your period. Fwiw, I also used to see the scale go up 2-3LBs at ovulation every month. Once you know what you're seeing (soy sauce, airplane flights etc.) you don't freak out.

    Congrats on the WOOSH!
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    Sabine, you are really right about the data. I am learning a lot just by logging stuff. My life does not seem so random anymore. It really helps ease anxiety. There is cause and effect for a lot of things. Plus, by keeping track of things, I know I am doing the right stuff. That gives me confidence that sooner or later . . . I am going to reach my goals.
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    You are all BLESSINGS for posting this. I've lost 38 pounds since January 5th with clean eating and intense cardio. I finally got under 200 last friday and was 198.4! WooHoo! But on Sunday, it was that time and by Monday morning, I was back up to 200.6. I completely felt DESTROYED this morning, that I had done SOMETHING wrong. I had never habitually checked the scale until this weight loss/toning period, but I was literally in tears this morning! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one that is battling this!
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    4lbs every months, pain, lack of energy, swelling, went up two inches around my hips/waist ... makes you feel like you've failed and then *poof* after a week right back to normal.

    The week before does anyone else feel like they could eat a scabby horse plus a well fed cow and possibly a small child?
    I can't handle my cravings that week at all :(