Keep me motivated !!

Clean eating and training is underway , I need motivation for my clean eating habits for the next few months !!


  • Hey! Add me as a friend if you want :) I feel like we can help each other. I try my best to eat healthier & I'm working out 5 days/wk but I need the motivation!
  • Jburlen2007
    Jburlen2007 Posts: 59 Member
    Training is the easy part in my mind; eating well is the hard part! :/
  • MissMelissa514
    MissMelissa514 Posts: 63 Member
    I love training. Unfortunately, I love eating too. Lol
  • jenn86wilson
    jenn86wilson Posts: 3 Member
    I love both lol it is hard for me to resist foods
  • Atagi73
    Atagi73 Posts: 96 Member
    Focus on the goal , and it makes it a little easier, for me at least.
  • jmasci20
    jmasci20 Posts: 82 Member
    Training gives me the calorie wiggle room I need to achieve my goals.