poll: what combo of fitness trackers / apps do you use?

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Hey everyone - I like to go running outside and really like tracking my runs with the mapmyrun app on my iPhone. I also usually listen to a podcast while I'm on my runs. The issue I'm having is my iPhone is so darn big! I have an iPhone 5s and it's just so clunky I kind of hate strapping it to myself. What works for you? I'm considering is getting an iPod nano which has that nike+ app on it. Does anyone use that? I was checking out the reviews for that app and there seem to be a lot of bugs and complaints. What do you use to track your runs / listen to music?
- Anyways, I would love any feedback!


  • eemmerson929
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    I started using a band with a built in sleeve around my waist. I like to use Map My Fitness as my app. I got the band/belt at Amazon. It is called a FlipBelt. I have an iPhone 6 Plus and it works fine.
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    I don't have an IPhone I have a Droid so I don't know if you get the same apps. But I love Runkeeper, it tracks distance speed calories burned and shows a map of your walk/run. I have been debating on a fitbit. I can't decide.
  • dalhectar
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    I don't want to worry about a phone becoming damaged with sweat or rain, don't want to worry about a phone being damaged by dropping or tripping, don't want to eat up my phone's battery life using GPS & music, don't want to be disturbed mid run with texts or phone calls, and looking at a phone mid run is annoying.

    So I run with a Garmin GPS Sportswatch and maybe an iPod Touch if I want music. Run data can be uploaded wirelessly to different services like Nike, Endomondo, Strava, etc. I can also program interval workouts on the web and have them downloaded onto the watch so you don't need to be at a track to to track intervals.

    The watch supports a wireless footpod so treadmill activity & indoor track activity is automatically tracked without creating manual entries, and I have a heart rate monitor to give me feedback on effort, recovery, optimum pace, etc.
  • BrianSharpe
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    Garmin 910xt
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    wow thanks so much everyone! This is helpful for me.
    @eemmerson929 I'll check out that FlipBelt
    @dalhectar I agree! I've been thinking about a GPS watch but they are rather pricy. It does sound pretty handy though. The only other thing is I cycle a lot and would like something that could track that as well. I'll look into it :#

  • foofyq
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    @BrianSharpe oh man that Garmin 910xt looks amazing. *drooling*
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    foofyq wrote: »
    @BrianSharpe oh man that Garmin 910xt looks amazing. *drooling*

    I've been using various Garmins for a number of years now and I really like the multi-sport capabilities of the 910 (and its predecessors the 305 & 310). The form factor is a bit big but that's mostly a function the battery life needed for someone competing in longer endurance events like an Ironman (not me......I'm on Oly distance duathlete myself)
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    My CW has had a lot of problems with her Garmins, so I wound up getting the Tomtom Multisport. It works well and is much less expensive. Most of her problems are related to swimming, though and I don't swim.

    I have iPhone 6, I have a case for it that clips onto me. I usually carry it during races, I run with my husband these days. When I ran alone, I ALWAYS carried a phone. Too many crazy people/animals/situations out there to not have the ability to dial 911. I thought the iPhone 5 was the perfect size for carrying, the 6 is pretty big.