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Finally hit 50 pounds!! (pics)



  • MonicaSmith98
    MonicaSmith98 Posts: 66 Member
    Very inspirational. Great Job!
  • shaunakay397
    shaunakay397 Posts: 2 Member
    edited March 2015
    Awesome Job! I'm 5'6" and my start weight was 217. I'm down 6lbs.My goal weight is also 150. I lost 40lbs 2 years ago and gained it back but I realized I did it for the wrong reasons. I'm ready to be healthy & happy for me. Stories like your are really inspiring! Thank you. This pic is from 2 years ago...83o6wujr97gd.jpg
  • kthames2
    kthames2 Posts: 5 Member
    I'm so happy to be on here, ib could just cry. . To she all the inspiring testimony has given me such great hope that I can finally do this. I just got back started last week and weight in at 216.6lb. And decided to down load this app today to help me stay on track. Ive been up and down fir the past year. Im going to give it all I got I'm 5/6 and looking forward to a new healthy life style and down to 140 pound.
  • juliabereza
    juliabereza Posts: 8 Member
    You look amazing!! Congrats!! My story is similar; I started at 210 lbs with a goal of 140. (70lbs) I lost my first 20!! You are an inspiration to others!
  • jharris1378
    jharris1378 Posts: 88 Member
    You look amazing
  • dinobomp
    dinobomp Posts: 170 Member
    Congratulations !! You look just beautiful. I'm so happy that YOU are happy!!
  • christhenix
    christhenix Posts: 163 Member
    Great job, and you look fab. Well done.
  • Rukaiya77
    Rukaiya77 Posts: 1 Member
    Congratulations, you look lovely.
  • angier321
    angier321 Posts: 45 Member
    You look totally awesome!! Can I be you when I grow up :D !!
  • allisonrusso77
    allisonrusso77 Posts: 4 Member
    Amazing job! My goal is 50 lbs! Your story has definitely motivated me! Thank you!
  • infinikitty
    infinikitty Posts: 440 Member
    Haha y'all are too much :-) Hope you all friend me! Let's support and motivate each other :-)
  • bstoudt369
    bstoudt369 Posts: 76 Member
    I love how your smile gets bigger as you get smaller!
  • dredremeg
    dredremeg Posts: 202 Member
    You have really inspired me, I started at 210 and 5'7" my current weight is 177.5. I am 53 years-old. My goal is 160. Wootie Wooo

  • beanerschnitzel
    beanerschnitzel Posts: 75 Member
    Awesome job!
  • urloved33
    urloved33 Posts: 3,323 Member
    Wow, wow, wow what an accomplishment. congratulations!
  • enchanted_daydream
    enchanted_daydream Posts: 258 Member
    You look great!! Very motivating :smile:
  • erojoy
    erojoy Posts: 554 Member
    I loved that you used the same clothes. It helps a lot to see the difference. CONGRATS! You look awesome.
  • urloved33
    urloved33 Posts: 3,323 Member
  • franklin505
    franklin505 Posts: 31 Member
    Well done, I can see the difference all over your body, you look really good.
  • Colorado_Joni
    Colorado_Joni Posts: 25 Member
    You look fantastic. Nice work!
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