Not sure how to log this chicken thigh/leg?

This is a confusing and stupid question, so I went out and bought a bag of chicken legs and thighs. The bag said the weight of it was 1KG, it contained 2 pieces of chicken like this and a very small thigh.

Obviously that isn't 1 KG because 1 KG is around 2300 calories 257 grams of protein. I'm not sure how to log this. Would you log this as a medium thigh + leg based on picture which is about same size I had and which is around 300 calories and 30 - 37 grams protein?

Sorry for the most stupidest question but I usually always buy prepacked chicken breasts that have everything already calculated for you, this is one of the first times I buy fresh chicken from a butcher.


  • Nony_Mouse
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    Do you have kitchen scales? I'm guessing not since you're asking this question. Get some, they are a valuable tool in weight loss. How else do you accurately log your food?

    Also, no way anyone can judge the size of those without something of known size in the picture to compare them to!
  • Warthog111
    No I don't have any scales or anything like that. Like I mentioned, this was one of the first times buying fresh meat and not packaged/frozen. I normally always get my meat packaged or frozen so it already has the nutritional facts so all I have to do is enter the amount on my log.
  • RodaRose
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    It is a good question but I do not know whether we can answer it for you.
    Next time take the picture with something in it so we can see scale --- like next to an 8 ounce measuring cup or a baseball or something familiar. Right now we cannot tell if the chicken is huge or small. :)
    Get a food measuring scale. You can get a Taylor scale for about 25 dollars online or at Walmart.
    For now, log as best as you can and move on. This is not the first or last item that was not perfect. <3
  • healthybodyhealthylife
    Usually when I have something like this, I weight it when its cooked, then subtract the bone weight from the first measurement. But I just read you don't have a scale. It's definitely a good investment and essential for weight loss I would say! Without a scale, I'd log it as a small/medium/large (whatever size it is) chicken leg quarter
  • karenrich77
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    Please be aware though, that rarely anything is as stated on the packet, if you weigh what they say a serving size is, more often than not, it is out by quite a lot!
  • taraskylit
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    Under myfitnesspal it's called a chicken maryland.
    Without a food scale, you're just going to have to take a crack at the weight.