None for me please!



  • ldonahue74
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    stuffing. i know i'm an odd one, but the smell alone makes me gag. and potatoes. i may have been disowned from my huge irish family for that one LOL
  • spoonyspork
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    Anything made with 'fake' sugar or stevia

    Anything with seeds of the celery family (I know my threshold for not choking/puking and most people/places go way over that!)

    Sausage (many contain fennel seeds, so I just avoid it all together unless I've made it)

    raw/boiled mollusks

    sardines (or any other whole fish in a can)

    organs (other than skin! Mmm chicken skin)

    mayonnaise (with some exceptions. There are sauces with mayo as a base I really like)

    Sweet pickles. Just no. :P
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    I wish I liked seafood. My issue with it may be due to the freshness, which is why I want to try sushi (but haven't partly because I have an aversion to all seafood, and partly because I also dislike cucumber and wasabi). I just know that the fishy taste commonly associated with fish is awful.
  • Eudoxy
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    I don't really like fish either. My dad and all my brothers are professional fishermen, we used to have it every other night. I drove mom nuts pouring ketchup all over mine.
  • dragonmaster69
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    Bella0531 wrote: »
    Vinegar in most forms. The thought of some people chugging apple cider vinegar straight from the bottle makes me want to puke.

    My sister and her boyfriend will drink regular vinegar for taste- she has always loved it, even when we were children she would sneak it from the cabinet and drink it when my parents weren't there...

    I used to hate celery in all forms, miracle whip, sour kraut.... the list could go on.

    At this point, the only two things I avoid whole heartedly are poultry, beef, pork, and sour kraut. I hope to eventually get to a point where I can afford to cut out fish, but for now, I eat fish.
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  • Alatariel75
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    Fruit. I eat veggies until the come out my ears but i have a huge aversion to fresh fruit. I can't explain it.
  • kayeiam
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    Liver, liver, liver and oh.... did I mention LIVER.. hate the stuff, can not even be in the house when it is cooking. If I see someone eating it at a resturant, I just cringe, how can they eat that nasty nasty stuff.. yuck. Was made to eat it at as a child. I would cut it up in the smallest, itty bitty pieces and stick one pencil lead size into a cup size spoon of mash potatoes (and family wondered why I was a fat child... LOL). When I was about 5 or 6, I just refused totally to eat my liver. My mother made me stay at that table for hours after everyone else was done. I was starving. She would not let me eat anything else (no potato's to mask it in). Needless to say, I didn't eat that nasty stuff. She sent me to bed hungry (parents, do not do this to your child). I was soooooo Hungry, I literally ate my blanket. I remember, crying and sucking on the blanket, next think I know, there was a hole in that blanket (and it was a huge hole, my mother kept that blanket and I came acrossed it when I was a teenager) that hole was approx 20 to 25" in diameter. Pretty bad that the blanket taste better than that Nasty nasty nasty LIver... so yup. LIVER is my worst food.
  • Alluminati
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    Boogers. Pretty much.
  • serenity1097
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    Broccoli, mushrooms & liver...yuck!!!
  • jonnyman41
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    liver and black pudding uggggggg
  • bunbunzee44
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    grapefruit. to me it tastes horrible.
  • bunnywestley81
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    Tongue. I just don't like the taste.

    And I don't fancy tripe much.

    And I really hate dry roasted peanuts and peanut butter.

    Happy to eat kidney, liver etc
  • bunnywestley81
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    Coconut makes me vomit.
  • Pantera69
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    Coconut makes me vomit.
    Yea, not a fan of coconut. Coconut coffee is ok
  • Pantera69
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    sardelsa wrote: »
    I really can't think of anything. I don't really love beets, but I will eat them. Same with dark chocolate, but I'll have it melted on top of stuff and in cookies, just not plain. I don't really like persimmons, especially since I once had one that wasn't ripe and it actually attacked my mouth.. :dizzy_face: , I'm kind of scared of them now haha

    Beets are kind of creepy for sure
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    Celery and pineapple- can't stand the taste of either
    Watermelon flavored anything (but I love watermelon!)
    Mint chocolate (but I LOVE dark chocolate!)

    Raw tomatoes- ewwww!