What's for lunch- desk people



  • hesn92
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    I had chicken, black beans and avocado with salsa
  • k8mcminn
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    Spinach salad with avocado, yogurt and a clementine
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    lohkin wrote: »
    Five days of Lunches, no heating required (maybe #5). Each lunch is ~/-400 calories

    1. roast turkey slices with celery w/peanut butter, carrots, grapes, strawberries, pretzles w/low cal ranch sauce
    2. Spinach, apple, diced celery, beet & blue cheese salad (no dressing), 1 orange and some strawberries, pretzles
    3. Spinach, 3oz tuna, diced celery, 1 packet spicy wholly guacamole, 1 orange, asian chili sauce
    4. Diced zucchini and yellow squash, 3oz chunk chicken breast, buffalo sauce, 1/2 cup grape tomatoes, ritz crackers
    5. PANCAKES! with maple syrup, cottage cheese w/blackberry preserves, grapes and strawberries.

    The two little containers are breakfast snacks of cottage cheese with blackberry preserves (~50 cals total)


    what a GREAT idea.
  • ccam99
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    What do you do when you really want chips to go with that turkey sandwich?
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    As always, it's leftovers. Today is salmon, roasted broccoli and some black beans.
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    ccam99 wrote: »
    What do you do when you really want chips to go with that turkey sandwich?

    I eat a small servings of chips.
  • daisyverma
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    ccam99 wrote: »
    What do you do when you really want chips to go with that turkey sandwich?

    Haven't tried this, but apparently Popcorners are supposed to be tasty and might be a good alternative to chips

  • daisyverma
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    I got lazy and bought lunch . Spinach quiche, with two side salads; broccoli and potato
  • AndyCool22
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    i work at a desk and normally my lunch consists of leftovers featuring a main dish and or a side, carrots with hummus or celery with peanut butter, an apple or orange, sometimes string cheese, yogurt.
  • CrabNebula
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    For lunch at work, I eat a packet of reduced sugar Quaker oatmeal or two Weetabix (hot) at around noon. I add stevia to both and keep a Braun water heater at my desk for this. After I come back from my lunch time workout at the company gym at 2pm, I have a 1/2c of reduced fat cottage cheese. I really struggle to eat that sometimes after working out. So not hungry after rowing and lifting in particular.
  • JamieJam1102
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    Today I did a sandwich: Sourdough, Roasted Turkey, Egg White omelet, Lettuce, & Cheese with a small side of raspberries and honeydew.

    For breakfast yesterday, I toasted some protein waffles I made over the weekend, and topped it with a maple fruit topping I whipped up over the weekend. Delicious and only 289 cals!

    So far, I've done two weeks of meal prep, which is a pain on Sundays, but is so convenient during the week. You can do a really healthy pasta, which travels well, or do a sandwich, which I separate out, because I don't want a soggy sandwich - its a fool proof way to make sure your afternoon is shi**y.

    I guess it also mostly depends on what appliances you have available to you in your office. Microwave or toaster/toaster oven is key. :smile:
  • VryIrishGirl76
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    salmon, brown rice, peppers.
    cukes and cherry tomatoes and apples for snacks
  • luv_lea
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    I only live 5 minutes from my work, But I do a lot of food prepping during my days off to make lunches easier/quicker/and just there so I have no excuses!

    Pre-prepped salads are my favorite. I use garbanzos beans, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce...in that order and put in a container, and when I go to use it I add the dressings. I originally got the idea from Pinterest (and a friend) who all used canning jars to keep them in.

    Another favorite I pre-prep is a turkey burger. Here's the link: http://sarahbolen.com/recipes/turkey-burger-with-avocado-lettuce-and-tomato/

    All in all, food prepping really helps me to keep on track!
  • 9Rounder
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    I usually bring leftovers from the last 2 days of cooking at home. But I always keep a couple cans of soup in my desk or the add water and heat pasta/rice/potato containers. I pack a lunch most days in my lunch box with a big ice pack so I don't need to refrigerate it. Keeps everything cold all day.
  • dawnmcneil10
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    One thing that survives the longer drives is to make up fruit and yogurt parfaits, I use mason jars and layer frozen berries then yogurt then more frozen berries, top with a little granola and you've got a really good snack, breakfast or lunch that'll keep for a few hours without worry.
  • jadezia
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    I make mason jar salads. Google them and you'll find a plethora of recipes and ideas. They travel very well and last an entire week in the fridge (I prepare them during the weekend). The main idea for these awfully hipster-seeming lunches is to keep the greens crispy, and it works wonderfully. It looks stupid, but hey, I get a fresh made salad every day for lunch!
  • Zelinna
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    I bring breakfast, lunch and snacks with me to work. There aren't really any food options close by so I pack enough food to keep me from running to the vending machine. My husband routinely makes fun of me for the amount of food I bring with me to work.

    Breakfast is usually a smoothie, overnight oats or a homemade parfait.

    My lunch is also pretty standard. Soup, a sandwich and yogurt (not very exciting I know). I decided that canned soups were just not worth it, so I make a big crock pot of soup every two weeks and freeze the portions to take with me.

    I also usually take a piece of fruit and trail mix for snacks.

    I drive for about 30 min so everything I take is portable.
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    I keep a small fridge, toaster and microwave and a "pantry" in a filing cabinet drawer. I always have eggs so I can make a microwave scrambled egg sandwich. I also keep a few hard boiled eggs. Sometimes precooked bacon. I always have cheese. One kind of lunch meat. Tuna, chicken and salmon in pouches. Bread. PB&J. Canned soups. Condiments. Bags of lettuce mix and dressings. Canned soups and stews. And I have room for 2 or 3 frozen lean cuisine boxes in the tiny fridge freezer. I usually have low-sodium V-8 and some fruit cups. Popcorn. Of course, sometimes I bring leftovers.

    Today I heated up a can of stew and poured a cup over a piece of whole grain 35 calorie toast. I have enough for tomorrow, too.

    I will often make a sandwich, grab a fruit, V-8, and pop a bag of popcorn to eat for dinner if I have a busy evening with classes and the gym or want to go walk a trail after work.
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    OP should check out the bento lunch thread. I've started using bento boxed and it's great for portioning work lunches.

    Anyways, some things I bring to lunch, always under 400cals:
    -Salad w/chicken breast, Parmesan, Caesar dressing
    -Pita pocket w/chicken, arugula, balsamic vinegar, fresh mozzarella
    -Grilled chicken teriyaki w/rice
    -Chicken "nachos" chicken breast, salsa, tortilla chips
    yeah I eat a lot of chicken LOL it keeps me full!

    I usually have some side items like baby carrots, orange/strawberry/raspberries, mini babybel cheeses etc
  • spilledmilk
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    ccam99 wrote: »
    What do you do when you really want chips to go with that turkey sandwich?

    I eat a small servings of chips.

    ^this. I really like the special K chips, they're pretty comparable to potato chips.