PCOS Diet Recipes

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Hi there. Just wondering if there are any
ladies out there with PCOS that have some recipes they would like to share.


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    Hello! I am going to recommend "The PCOS Paleo Cookbook" by Tricia Class. In general a Paleo diet works well to manage PCOS. Taking grain and dairy out can help keep your cycle regular and clear up acne and even clear up some of that unwanted hair.
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    Hello, I am currently looking to manage PCOS with diet. Have you been able to manage PCOS w a paleo diet? @llap200‌
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    I did modified paleo aka i wasn't cutting out dairy and spending lots of money on nut butters but in 6-7 months I lost 50lbs, had regular periods and got pregnant so I would say it works or at least it did for me :smiley:
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    Im currently doing a low carb, no grains, and little dairy. Im only on my 3rd day so far, but I actually feel great.
    I used to have a bagel, or an english muffin or some toast with peanut butter in the morning, but since I've cut out grains and bread and pasta it's been great.
    Im always tired at work and I feel more awake every day.
    I am not cutting out dairy completely because I have a love for cheese. haha. But I am cutting back on it.
    In the 3 days so far, I've seen significant different just in how I feel!
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    After a ton of research a few years ago I ended going Paleo too. A lot of my health issues went away like my high BP, being pre diabetic, my acne and even my periods leveled out. I know that it gets a lot of smack on here and people would rather burn you at the steak then support you, but for me, it was the best change I could of ever made.
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    PCOS, hmmmm.
  • I've suffered with Pcos since I was 16 have all the typical symptoms
    I've tried to follow a low GI diet works ok but still haven't lost much weight
    I've never heard of the paleo diet before can anyone shed any light on this?
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    paleo diet is also commonly known as the caveman diet (paleolithic) the general basics are meat, vegetables, nuts, fruits, limited dairy and carbs/processed foods, knd of what you imagine a caveman would be around to have to eat before inventing things like fire to cook wheat and pasteurization for dairy products. It has exploded in recent years and now has several sites, books, and recipes available to people online. I followed modified paleo so i put my carbs down to between 90-100 and ate 2 servings of dairy a day most of the time. I lost 50lbs, got regular periods and I am now expecting, some people have a hard time restricting dairy and carbs but for me it worked well.
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    I lost 50lbs, got regular periods and I am now expecting, some people have a hard time restricting dairy and carbs but for me it worked well.

    That's an amazing story- congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy!
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    I have PCOS and am a diabetic. I don't know much about the paleo diet. It's amazing to hear your story of losing 50 pounds. I, too, suffer from unwanted hair. I'm curious what you eat on a regular day. Can you please give some examples?
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    Hi I am curious what pcos recipes are like. Can someone share their recipes thank you
  • I have been following paleo and have lost 27lbs in 6 weeks. I try to burn approx 700-900 calories a day so exercise definitely speeds things up! In regards to Paleo: anything you eat ask yourself is this REAL food? Don't eat pre-packaged anything! No Weight Watcher meals or Lean Cuisines. For me, for breakfast I like to have hard boiled eggs and turkey bacon. For dinners I could eat stuffed mushrooms every day! But it's also super easy to toss some cauliflower or any veggie in a little coconut or olive oil and bake them and add any protein like chicken. Fruits and veggies as snacks and Trader Joe's has awesome little mixed-nut packages that are great for treats. Just remember .REAL FOOD!