What show from "back in the day" do you miss?



  • RobDowney
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  • Freaks and geeks and my so called life
  • cwolfman13
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    In order of life progression...

    I still watch old episodes when I'm missing my dad...was his favorite and I remember lots of late nights just he and I watching MASH.

    fond memories of childhood and the family huddled around our little tiny black and white watching Happy Days...

    A Friday night favorite...

    Who's the Boss...Alyssa Milano was my first big crush...

    Wonder Years...had a thing for Winnie too...

    One of the best shows ever...

    These guys always made me laugh...
  • NewNaomi2015
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    The X-Files, and Friends
  • seltzermint555
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    Three's Company
    Kate & Allie
    Gimme a Break
    Dear John
    Roseanne before it went all weird at the end
  • RunTimer
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    We can make him better than he was before
    The Six Million Dollar Man
  • kiousd
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    Punky Brewster!
  • scorpiophoenix
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    My So-Called Life and Daria. Yeah, I was totally one of those girls. lol
  • bacitracin
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    I'm an 80's baby, so mine are...
    What, no Small Wonder?
  • Megaaan_xo
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    Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  • kelfran1
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    Definitely miss The X-Files. When I stayed at my cousin's place with cable, I liked Not Necessarily the News and Mr. Science. From childhood, I loved a PBS show called Square One (math show).

    (Rereading this, it becomes obvious that I was always a nerd, LOL.)
  • Rashanti1
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    City Guys
    One World
    Hang Time
    Smart Guy
    And reruns of What's Happening and A Different World
  • earlnabby
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    The Carol Burnett Show
    Northern Exposure
  • kiousd
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    Shirt tales cartoon
  • Bj0223
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    Buffy & Angel
  • dubird
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    Bill8855 wrote: »
    Duck Tales

    For the win! XD

    Also, Major Dad. Still can't find that on DVD anywhere.
  • allaboutthecake
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    Netflix has most of my reruns. And I get "free tv" so the rest show up on the weekends on the off-channels.
  • Browncoat_McNac
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    FIREFLY. Bring it back!