I need to lose my pregnancy weight!

hi everyone! I am a first time mom who is Breast feeding. I'm currently 169lbs and my ultimate goal is to be 125lbs and to be healthier and have a better body than I did before having my baby girl! Any other moms looking to lose weight? Let's motivate each other.


  • _QueenE_
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    You can do it!
  • Hi yes had my little boy in September 2014. I done the clean 9 detox start of December worked wonders but should of done it after xmas!! It was great as it put me on the path I needed to be plus give me a nice cleanse. I'm currently on the clean 9 now day 4 today
  • MissEstherA
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    Hi there,
    I'm 7 weeks postpartum. I need to drop 26 lbs to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 120 lbs.
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    Hey there mama!! Congrats on your wee one. I too am looking to lose my pregnancy weight from my first, second, third, and fourth pregnancy. Every child I kept 10 pounds and I just want to be fit again. This last pregnancy I've put on quite a bit more so I would love to lose 50!! I am alreAdy down 15 in 7 weeks! :smiley: We can do this together it is achievable!! Let's rock our bod's again :wink: