Green tea drinkers!



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    I wish I could. Tea on an empty stomach gives me the queasies. I do drink Sleepytime 'tea' at night though.
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    Plain water is boring to me, so drinking tea helps me get my water in. I like the gentle flavor of white tea, which I am drinking as I type this. I drink green as well, and love black tea blends - usually flavored with things like orange peel, spices, lavender flowers, cacao, anise, vanilla, dried fruits, etc. - natural flavorings in various combinations. I don't love Rooibos, (it's like tree bark to me,) but some people do, so try it if you're looking for something different. I haven't tried Mate (yerba mate) tea yet, but it's supposed to be a stimulant like caffeine, but without the side effects. I sometimes do herbal - peppermint and ginger - if my stomach needs soothing, but not that often. I don't like to add sweetener to my teas, usually.

    Ever since my husband introduced me to loose leaf teas a few months ago, I CANNOT stand cheap quality ground tea in tea bags - the kind you buy in the grocery store. The difference is amazing. I'm such a tea snob now. High quality teas have ruined me. I order online and there are literally thousands of varieties and flavors. Tea is never boring now. I probably have 1-4 cups a day. <3

    I love Kawaiti Herbals- if that's how it's spelled my bottles are in the kitchen. I love it. Also black Pu-Erh tea is really yummy. My aunt drinks it so I get it from her. I am drinking this See Less O Me tea. It has SO MANY good things in it. I have to add lemon cause it's a tiny bit bitter.

    I like pu-erh as well. I highly recommend this one. It's one of my favorites.
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    I've managed to limit myself to 2-3 cups of tea per day, but suffice to say, I'm a total tea nut. Teavana is my go-to retailer for loose leaf teas because despite being a little bit on the steep* side, they have some of the most delicious green, oolong and white tea blends that I've come across. From now 'til the 11th of this month, they're also having a 75% off sale on their website, so it's a good time to stock up!

    This is my first time hearing of Steepster. I signed up straight away to check out what other teas people are talking about!

    *Get it? Steep! I kill me.
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    I am trying to drink more green tea. Speeds up the metabolism!
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    I love a good black tea. I dont know the name of my current yummy brand because I got the tin at an Asian market and it's in Chinese or something :) I also love a spicy chai tea. I have green tea and like it, but I find I get more thirsty if I drink more than an occasional cup.

    I never add anything to tea unless I have a sore throat and then I like a dash of cayenne and some wildflower honey.
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    I try to drink 3 cups of hot green tea in the evening.
    I'm going to be adding a bit of cinnamon tea next week.