25 and looking to get fit for good and lose 80+ lbs

I would love to connect with other people who are attempting to lose 80+ lbs. It sounds like so much and I want to do everything I can to not get overwhelmed and stay the course. Friend me and let's help each other!


  • lucywhatford
    lucywhatford Posts: 30 Member
    Hi :) I'm looking to lose about 95lbs so I'm in the same boat!
  • Acedding
    Acedding Posts: 1 Member
    I weigh 360 pounds, and my goal weight is 260. So thats 100 pounds that I need to lose. I'm giving myself a year, because that's less than 2lbs a week, and if I don't push myself, I won't do it. My fiancé and I want to start trying for a baby next year, and it's extremely unhealthy at this weight. I have set a smaller goal of 335 by the end of May. I need this. I'm a size 4 at Torrid, and a size 26w elsewhere. I dont mind being plus size (I have always been), but i want to be healthier. I'm a teacher, and I want to be healthier, lighter on my feet, and more energetic.
  • ash084495
    ash084495 Posts: 5 Member
    I am wanting to lose 100lbs in total but my short term goal is to lose 40lbs by the end of July I am going to need motivation and a little push now and again but I believe I can do it
  • petitexmort
    petitexmort Posts: 6 Member
    I want to lose 90lbs ideally (would take me to 140ish) but I'm like you in that it seems such a big challenge that the fear of failure is shying me away from doing things right. I would love to be friends with anybody in the same boat and to motivate each other
  • hh07
    hh07 Posts: 33 Member
    I started at 210lbs in January, now at 186.5 and long term want to get to around 133, so a loss of just under 80lbs. My short term goal is to get to 175lb by 28 April for a holiday. Good luck everyone - we can do this :)
  • Jenny8511
    Jenny8511 Posts: 141 Member
    My goal is 75+ pounds lost, and I am down 45. Anyone feel free to add me!
  • I'm looking at around 50 pounds but first goal i've set is 15. Would love some support so feel free to add :smile:
  • californiajuls
    californiajuls Posts: 168 Member
    Right here with you! I also have a goal of 80+. We can do this. Small steps. There is a quote I love "365 days from now you will be glad you started today"
  • OK, I'll add the blokes perspective. I'm about 290lbs looking to lose at least 120lbs. Ambitious, but you gotta aim high eh? I have to be fit to be able to do the job I do so it's a need rather than a want.
    I wish you all a successful journey.
  • XxNataleighXx
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    Hi I'm the same (25 and looking to loose 60/70lbs) just finding it difficult too... Feel free to add me also ( anybody) let's all support one another and be strong! Xx
  • reducingrenee622
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    I'm looking to lose about 80 pounds. (I am going off of what i weighed the last time at the doctor) I don't weigh myself often, but know I've made improvement in the last month, as my pants are becoming quite loose :)