Losing motivation

Hello everyone,

My stats
Male, 23, 6ft, starting weight 258 pounds, current weight 208.

So, Ive been logging since the beginning of December and have lost 50 pounds which Im chuffed with. Im getting the 'omg look at you... i didnt recognise you' etc from people I know which feels great. I also feel so much better in myself.

Problem... I just feel so unmotivated and fed up with not eating loads and loads of unhealthy food. I eat in moderation, so I will have foods with more fat than I should but fit it into my daily allowance, but I just miss eating loads of pizza, loads of cheese, loads of mcdonalds all in one go and the feeling you get after it.

I want to get to my goal weight of 184 pounds but I am just finding it hard to stay motivated. Has anyone got any tips from their experience that could help me jump start this next stage?
My diary is open... please note I did stop logging for a few weeks as my phone broke, but I continued to lose at my rate and kept a paper log.




  • eddied91
    eddied91 Posts: 33 Member
    Oh, and I use a scale to weigh my food and do a couple days running a week
  • faith_76
    faith_76 Posts: 197 Member
    When you find out please let me know! I love pizza, cheese, and going to bww way too much and a slice just isn't satisfying...
  • srcurran
    srcurran Posts: 208 Member
    I suspect that feeling you used to get after eating a lot won't be as pleasurable to you now as you remember. My guess is you'll feel a little queasy. It's not worth messing up the progress you've made. But if you want a binge night maybe you need to get it over with and then get back on track. I really don't think you'll enjoy it as much as you think.
  • mean_jeannie
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    I totally agree with PP - I don't think it will really feel good anymore.
  • creasys_bean2011
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    I am on a very strict diet to heal my body, for 10 weeks I never strayed from this diet. One day I had a melt down and ate EVWRYRHING I wanted. I felt like death the next 3 days, my stomach was so bloated, my body was run down, and i genuinely felt like I had the flu. The food wasn't as good as I remember and I felt so bad after it re-lit my motivation fire. Maybe it's what you need.