first tattoo



  • Mia4_4
    Mia4_4 Posts: 603 Member
    A swan and lotus on my wrist..
  • Mine was an oriental dragon on my shoulder I got it 14 years ago, now wanting tattoo no 9... There a bit addictive :D
  • mmmMiMi
    mmmMiMi Posts: 127 Member
    My first (of many) was a small yin/yang symbol and an arrow, on my 1988.
  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,592 Member
    rainbow shooting star thing
  • PamH_8807
    PamH_8807 Posts: 25 Member
    Chinese symbol for strength. Thought it was cool then but hoping to get it covered with something else soon
  • wolfruhn
    wolfruhn Posts: 3,025 Member
    Mine was a stake with a snake entwined. Did it myself with a needle and ink.
  • fuzzieme
    fuzzieme Posts: 454 Member
    Mine was a star with a face winking and sticking it's tongue out. I still love it. But the ones since have been better
  • Archon2
    Archon2 Posts: 462 Member
    Mine was of Scooby Do on the back of my hand. I think I was about eight or so when I proudly got it. Sadly it faded away after a couple of days so you can't see it anymore. That's what you get for a cheap one out of those gumball machines.
  • Woodspoon
    Woodspoon Posts: 223 Member
    Designed it myself many years ago
    Decided to give it to myself as a 40th birthday present to mark the occasion in a way I'll never forget. :D
    So glad I got it done after many years of thinking about it.

  • Joyeuxbelle
    Joyeuxbelle Posts: 30 Member
    My first was an ankh in the middle of my back, at age 15.
  • Huge scorpion piece on my back
  • RealMarkD
    RealMarkD Posts: 92 Member
    Black & grey Claddaugh, with "family, friends, love, & loyalty" across the top of it.
  • LoveLoveandRage
    LoveLoveandRage Posts: 55 Member
    My first one was a cross with a dove on my back/shoulder area
  • kfayr
    kfayr Posts: 14 Member
    A heart with a knife through it on my left hip. Clearly some romantic issues at the time :)