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Garmin FR 15 accuracy for steps

htimpaired Posts: 1,404 Member
So I just bought a Forerunner 15 and have been wearing it since last night. I bought it to replace my fitbit zip as an activity tracker, plus obviously wanting the HRM and GPS. Well out of curiosity I've been wearing both Garmin and Fitbit, and the Garmin is reading me as having twice as many steps as the fitbit. It just gave me 8 steps while I sit here NOT walking. Anyone else have this experience? Is there a way to fix this, or should I return it for another Garmin that doesn't do activity tracking? Is there one that does HRM and GPS?


  • itsmeGennie
    itsmeGennie Posts: 39 Member
    I have the fr15. To start Most activity trackers are going to be off by 10-20% so get comfortable with this. The smaller the number of steps, the greater inaccuracy. I would advise you compare after a full day. ( not sure if you did this already)
    For some reason, my watch tracks steps when I'm driving and on the subway. There's a fix for that but I don't really care enough to fox it. I would email garmin but the difference isn't enough to cause concern.
  • indianwin2001
    indianwin2001 Posts: 296 Member
    I sold my fr15--I was totally unhappy with it