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20 Minute Circuit...This is a must try!!!

I do this work out 5 days a week for the past 2 weeks and I'm seeing results...

20 Minutes Circuit Workout

(*choose light weights for max reps)

1) Bench press* or pushups - max in 1:00 2) Squats - max in 1:00 3) Pullups or pulldowns - 1:004) Bike or jog - 3:00 5) Military press* - 1:00 6) Lunges - 1:00 each leg 7) Bicep curls - 1:00 8) Bike or jog - 3:00 9) Tricep extensions.- 1:00 10) Leg ext - 1:00 (requires leg machines - or repeat squats with weights) 11) Leg curls - 1:00 (requires leg machines - or repeat lunges with weights) 12) Situps - 2:00 13) Crunches - 2:00 14) Stretch

There is an unlimited number of ways to organize a circuit workout. The above workout is organized with upper body, lower body and cardiovascular exercises. By simply doing the above upper body and lower body exercises in such a way, you will be able to rest your upper body muscles while you workout your lower body muscles, but you will never rest your heart. This is how you make the circuit workout challenging to your cardiovascular system as well as your major muscle groups. Studies have shown that mixing a resistance training regimen with a cardiovascular element will increase your metabolism, therefore burning fat and building muscle. The result is a decrease in body fat percentage.

So, if you are looking to lose inches and body fat, workouts like this coupled with 4-5 smaller meals and 3-4 quarts of water everyday will help you achieve your goal. The best thing about this diet program is that you do not need a single dietary supplement - just good old fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and other lean meats. The key is to burn more calories than you take in and this workout will help you with that - promise.