How often do you log weight?



  • hsmith0930
    hsmith0930 Posts: 160 Member
    I weigh and log daily, regardless of whether it is up or down. I don't like having to use different apps and programs to track all my data. I pretty much always have MFP open on my browser and it's on my phone and tablet, so that is what I use.
  • dolliesdaughter
    dolliesdaughter Posts: 544 Member
    I weigh myself every morning, but only my Thursday morning weight in is my official weight. I like knowing my flucuations.
  • ar9179
    ar9179 Posts: 374 Member
    I weigh multiple times a day because I like to see how my choices, activity, hormones are affecting me. This has made me more tolerant of the "ups" since I see them so often. I log it whenever there is a change, up or down. I still have a lot to lose, though, and the reminders of the overall loss motivate me. I can see myself going to once a week when it starts to slow down.
  • ncboiler89
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    This gets asked at least once per week and I'll say it again. Every day. Why not? More data the better.
  • dirtyflirty30
    dirtyflirty30 Posts: 224 Member
    Once a week. It's a holdover from my WW days, but it seems to be working very well for me. (This is not to say that I don't sneak a peek at the scale more often than that though. ;))
  • AlisonH729
    AlisonH729 Posts: 558 Member
    I weigh myself 2-3 times a week. I log my weight any time I hit a new low weight.

    4/1: 149
    4/3: 150
    4/5: 148.5 Boom logging it.

    Yep, I only log changes. I weigh every morning just for kicks. But even if I hit a new low weight (I still do a little happy dance) I will give it a few more days to make sure I am still weighing in at or around the same number before I log it.
  • klgcm8
    klgcm8 Posts: 1
    I log daily....:(
  • Josalinn
    Josalinn Posts: 1,066 Member
    On MFP I log onceish a week. But I weigh almost everyday and log it onto an spreadsheet. I want to make a lot of graphs at the end of this journey =)
  • adamitri
    adamitri Posts: 614 Member
    I weigh everyday and put it in a graph to keep track. On MFP I take my actual weight once a week.
  • Sailatsorf
    Sailatsorf Posts: 161 Member
    I weigh myself every day, but I only log when it goes down to the lowest I've been.
  • brightsideofpink
    brightsideofpink Posts: 1,018 Member
    Since I'm drinking soooo much water, I find myself weighing at night and then again the following morning. It's interesting how much water is retained and I find myself guessing what I'll be in the morning. Anything to keep it interesting I guess.

    It is fun to see the differences, isn't it? Some people take it too serious and freak out, but I think its fun.

    I only weigh myself once per week these days, mostly because of how my mornings go. I like to log first thing to discount the water weight, but since November I've been going to the gym at 4 am. There's no way I'm turning on bright lights and checking out the scale that early, and post-workout I'm full of about a half gallon of water, lol. So I weigh on weekends or rest days.
  • Charlot4444
    Charlot4444 Posts: 170 Member
    I update mfp once a month (usually on the first, like I did yesterday :) ), but usually weigh every Wednesday or sometimes when I eat a lot. I like to see the water weight the day after as I KNOW I haven't gained 8 lbs (or whatever), and that in a few days it will settle. I guess it should upset me, but I know I haven't gained that in fat. Most days I can guess my weight and be pretty spot on.
  • jrline
    jrline Posts: 2,353 Member
    at most 2 times a month
  • tippie2015
    tippie2015 Posts: 25 Member
    I weigh myself daily but I only log my weight as it decreases.
    Unless I gain back a lot like I have done in the past :neutral:
  • drmarctagon
    drmarctagon Posts: 101 Member
    I weigh myself every few days but I only log it in MFP once a week.
  • pattykaye33
    pattykaye33 Posts: 177 Member
    I downloaded an app called Happy Scale and suggests I log my weight daily to show a trend. However, my weight on Friday's is the one that I record in MFP.
  • ArkMom35
    ArkMom35 Posts: 225 Member
    I weigh daily and log whenever I lose, which is sometimes daily.
  • xMrBunglex
    xMrBunglex Posts: 1,121 Member
    Once a week. I've been doing this long enough that I can pretty much predict what I'll weigh, based on the week before...
  • GrammyPeachy
    GrammyPeachy Posts: 1,723 Member
    I weigh daily and log any time my weight goes down to a new low.
  • beachlover83
    beachlover83 Posts: 68 Member
    I was weighing daily, but am trying to cut back on it because I've found my clothes are a better indicator of how I'm doing. I try to see the loss number more than one day before I actually record it.