Anyone in the UK??

liannexx Posts: 45 Member
Morning all,
I have been having a look through some posts and everyone seems to be miles away from me, although I have had a few and sent a few friend requests and I appreciate the support I am getting I just wondered if there was anyone else in the UK to become fitness friend/support with

Lianne xx


  • slimstrauss
    slimstrauss Posts: 209 Member
    I'm from London .
    Feel free to add me, we can motivate each other!
  • melaniefmg
    melaniefmg Posts: 3 Member
    I'm in stratford upon Avon
    Just started so not sure what to do but hope your fitness is going well x
  • MezaEza
    MezaEza Posts: 267 Member
    I'm based in Scotland, feel free to add me if you like :)
  • welshpoppy
    welshpoppy Posts: 114 Member
    I am in Wales feel free to add me:)
  • itsmekong
    itsmekong Posts: 2 Member
    I'm from London :)
  • annieo19732014
    annieo19732014 Posts: 56 Member
    Hi, I am from Kenilworth, Warwickshire, feel free to add me
  • 999tigger
    999tigger Posts: 5,235 Member
    Im from the UK. I think its the second biggest group maybe 4%, but there are plenty as your thread will show. There are also some uk groups. If you dont get enough friends now(you should) then just ask again or join one of the groups, the site is massive with hundreds of thousands of dieters at any one time.
  • AztecKermit
    AztecKermit Posts: 27 Member
    Outside Edinburgh.
  • Darkhawk1969
    Darkhawk1969 Posts: 1,419 Member
    Hi I'm based in Darlington (NE England) feel free to add, please send a message though
  • thin1dayplease
    thin1dayplease Posts: 291 Member
    I'm in Staffordshire :) feel free to add me.
  • XxNataleighXx
    XxNataleighXx Posts: 46 Member
    I'm also in London! Feel free to add me or facebook me! Natz hopper :) good luck everyone with your weight loss journeys!
  • AR1973
    AR1973 Posts: 10
    South Wales here!
  • lucytyrrell15
    lucytyrrell15 Posts: 32 Member
    Hi, I am from South east, feel free to add me, I'm new to MFP be great to have some more friends on here for mutual motivation
  • pickleRH83
    pickleRH83 Posts: 33 Member
    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) I'm in Newcastle, always looking for buddies to keep me motivated
  • cherierickard
    cherierickard Posts: 13 Member
    From Northampton. Need friends to motivate.
  • jessiemjporter
    jessiemjporter Posts: 174 Member
    From Derbyshire here!~
  • notyetsuperman
    notyetsuperman Posts: 9 Member
    Living in Essex. Feel free to friend me up. I'll exchange kicks up the backside.
  • AR1973
    AR1973 Posts: 10
    Thanks for adding me, feel free to add anyone!
  • fatjon73
    fatjon73 Posts: 379 Member
    Fat 41 yr old Yorkshire man a lot to lose...I log daily and like a laugh....anyone can join me on this mad ride....
  • ricomincia
    ricomincia Posts: 229 Member
    edited April 2015
    Yeah I'm in the UK!! Feel free to add (open invite).... Live up in N Yorks... and I'm regularly on here!