ATG Squats - Low back super tired..

After some research and advice, I began doing ATG squats today. I dropped the weight considerably, down to 135lbs x 12 reps. (I would have gone up to 180lbs x 12-15 reps today otherwise). Its a good thing too.. my low back got super tight and fatigued. I did three sets, dropping the weight each time and doing 10-12 reps. Then was supposed to do three sets of front squats. I only did one and my low back was so tight and tired after that I didn't feel comfortable doing more (maybe I'm a wuss?).

Anyway.. when I only went to parallel (or just above), I didn't experience this near as much. Is it normal for the low back to feel like this with ATG, or is my low back just weak? Again, there is no pain, just fatigue and tightness in lower back. Thoughts and suggestions welcome.


  • badgerbadger1
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    Why are you doing so many reps?
  • AllanMisner
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    Are you holding your core tight? Are you compensating by leaning forward? Are you doing high bar squats or low bar squats?
  • ninerbuff
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    If your low back is tight, it's more than likely your leaning forward compared to what you did with parallel squats. ATG is still my go to squat even though I don't use that much weight any more. Also have never had any knee problems doing them.

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  • CarlydogsMom
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    Are you keeping your back straight throughout the entire movement (i.e. not doing the "butt-wink" curve at the ATG point, search YouTube to get an idea)?
  • terizius
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    @badgerbadger1 - I don't always do this many reps - they will decrease progressively as I add weight for the next three weeks, at which point I'll jump back up to high reps.

    @AllanMisner - High bar squats, core is tight. I feel like I'm not leaning forward as far as I did with the parallel squats, but I don't have video to compare. I did add 5# plates under heels for some elevation.

    @CarlydogsMom - I made a conscious effort to avoid butt wink since I know that I am somewhat tight throughout hips/hams/flexors. I didn't feel any excessive wink, though again, I didn't have anyone watching or taping.

    I will do squats again on my "rest" day this week and will try to get someone to observe or take a video. Based on the line of questioning so far, I'd say that leaning forward is the likely culprit but I can't tell myself.
  • terizius
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    This week, I did the ATG squats again. I did get some lifting shoes, and from a stability standpoint, I felt quite a bit better. Low back is still quite tight/tired however, though somewhat less than last week. I want to think that its just the new movement that is causing this.. a few more weeks will tell I guess.