45 pounds down in 7 months!!

Officially hit 45 pounds down today. Almost on my 7 month mark since beginning my weightloss journey! Only 26 pounds til goal! Starting weight was 227. Weighed in at 181 today! Goal weight is 155. I am 5'3! Although, it is getting a bit tougher to lose weight. I'm not as overwhelmed with the number! Still can't believe I have came as far as I have. If I can do this! Anyone can! I was so insecure and obese! Yes, OBESE!! It was tough starting out, I couldn't do much. Didn't feel comfortable in the gym. I had tried and given up so many times before to lose weight. It just finally stuck this time. I love working out and being active. Doing things I never thought I could. For example, I run for fun now!! When I started I couldn't run for 30 seconds. I just ran 7 miles last week and try and get in at least 3 good runs every week now!! It's truly amazing what are bodies are capable of! I hope to hit goal weight by the end of the Summer. Slow and steady for sure! Thanks for checking out my post everyone. Feel free to add me. My diary is open, just know I am a flexible dieter. Enjoy the journey everyone. The end result is so worth it! You can tell in my picture, just how much better I feel about myself. Wouldn't go back to the old me for nothing!!!
Pictures are Easter of 2014 and Easter this year! One year about and 45 pounds difference, plus 40 inches lost!!!



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