feeling frustrated

I have been using the mfp for a little less than a week. And, i love it! My issue is that I've been ar this weight loss for almost a month, and my loss is at only 8 pounds. I know i didnt put it on all at once. But, my frustration is that I'm only losing 1 lb a week. I lost 4 the week before. What am i doing wrong?


  • macgurlnet
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    You aren't doing anything wrong. Weight loss is not linear. Some weeks you will lose; some you won't, and you may even see slight gains here and there for a variety of reasons.

    The 4lb you lost initially were mostly water weight. 1lb/week is a perfectly fine rate of loss! Keep it up!

  • Liftng4Lis
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    You lost 8 pounds in a month and you're not happy?
  • Ready2Rock206
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    8 lbs in a month?! What's the problem again? The only thing you're doing wrong is having unrealistic expectations and being impatient. Keep up whatever you're doing - you're doing great.
  • Not that im not "happy". Week 1, 1 pound, week 2, 2 pounds, week 3, 4 pounds, week 4, 1pound. I just feel like im working my butt off for little results. I know, i need to quit crying in my cheerios ;)
  • Thank you :):)
  • MynameisJerryB
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    Agreed, you are doing great!!! You just need to slow your expectations. It takes time if you do it right.
  • chesves
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    8 pounds in a month is fantastic! Slow and steady wins the race-- you want to be healthy to make this long term!
  • Definitely doing the all healthy thing ;)
  • I love this app. Helps so much.