How did MFP best help you?

I'm new and I'm wondering from those who've been around a while how you found MFP most useful in achieving your weight loss/health goals.
I joined because I read about the amazing community here and I'm wondering how others have used it and the other tools available to help them on their way.
I'm a huge believer in learning from the success of others and would love to benefit from your wisdom!


  • MynameisJerryB
    MynameisJerryB Posts: 168 Member
    Just the ability and database to track my calories made all the difference for me.
  • AgentOrangeJuice
    AgentOrangeJuice Posts: 1,069 Member
    I get to make snarky comments to people and act superior to them on the interwebs because I don't have the confidence to do it IRL. Total ego-boost.
  • jenncornelsen
    jenncornelsen Posts: 969 Member
    i really like the community. i found calorie tracking fairly simple and after awhile it does become habit. and well its free!
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 21,821 Member
    Logging and tracking calories. If I could lose this much weight without logging everything I eat to ensure I eat below a certain daily calorie maxium ... I wouldn't be here.
  • adamitri
    adamitri Posts: 614 Member
    I've learned so much on MFP :) made great friends; lost 45lbs by using this website. It's been great.
  • suruda
    suruda Posts: 1,233 Member
    having an easy place to track and record my food and exercise via technology. I have friends who love the pen and paper method but I just can't do it! This is awesome...the community is very helpful as well for tips.
  • lisele03
    lisele03 Posts: 133 Member
    First, being able to actually quantify my calories in/out - even with all the inherent room for errors – has really helped me stay on course and understand my eating patterns.

    Second, I have never wanted to “bore” my friends/family with my weight loss journey, but I have found that opening up and sharing a little with this community has kept me engaged, entertained and moving in the right direction. So far, it’s working!! Good luck!
  • xmarye
    xmarye Posts: 385 Member
    It helped me understand my BMR and TDEE. Also, now I have understood what I need to do to keep the weight off (eat at maintenance, TDEE).

    I also really appreciate all the support I get from the friends I made on here.

    It helped me achieving somewhat of a ''balanced'' diet, no off-limit foods just moderation.

    I am really proud of where I am and where I am headed!
  • kmimicry
    kmimicry Posts: 4
    i definitely hear what you're all saying about tracking - it has been downfall of mine in the past. I'm waaaay more likely to stay on top of it if it's quick and easy to do. Thanks for all of your replies.
  • totaldetermination
    totaldetermination Posts: 1,184 Member
    I learnt alot about weight loss from the forums.