I need motivational friends!

trying to lose weight so can can feel more confident and have more self-esteem. Would love to have some friends to motivate and inspire me to keep to my diet and not give in to food!!!


  • tonyarobbins
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    Hi Tiffany
    I agree making friends for support is great!!
  • mace417
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    Hi Tiffany ! I am also trying to lose weight, having a support system always helps!! I'm fairly new to working out, i have been working with a trainer to help meet my goals but sometimes its hard to get my motivation up. I am trying to lose 15 lbs that i have gained after having children and i would also like to build and tone muscle. What are you goals?
  • maizerage66
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    Welcome! Feel free to add me, I absolutely love helping others overcome their weaknesses and reaching their goals. You can do this!
  • I totally feel you on that maybe we can support each other i need encouragment bad. ;)
  • BettyM1017
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  • ksmcnabb
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    well I have just done 44 days of exercise every day and watching the calories and I have only lost 1 kg and that was in the very beginning.. since then my weight and measurements haven't altered... so depressing when you put in the effort and it is effort.. and no results. I don't think support will help me, I am fully motivated and have no trouble limiting my foods, to match my calorie intake and I am exercising every day.. arrrch!!