Jawbone, any good?

hey, anyone have a jawbone wrist band? Any good?


  • melaniecheeks
    melaniecheeks Posts: 6,348 Member
    I've been using mine for a week now. I find the analysis of sleep patterns interesting, and the number of daily steps. What are you hoping that yours will monitor?
  • sisterlilbunny
    sisterlilbunny Posts: 691 Member
    I have had mine over a month now. I like how it picks up patterns to challenge you on. The reminders are a nice way to remember to get up and move through out the work day. The battery lasts a nice long time too. I just wish things like yoga or lifting would register a bit more. That whole you've only move 5k steps but you know you busted your hind end with a 2 hour power yoga class is kindof a bummer. Connects to MFP, MapMyFitness and Pact really well.
  • hoecradle
    hoecradle Posts: 37 Member
    Mine worked great for four days. Now it says it needs to be charged just a couple of minutes after you fully charge it. I guess it is a good thing I won it as a prize and did not spend my cash on it. Seems like the best place for it is the garbage can.
  • Talan79
    Talan79 Posts: 782 Member
    Got mine for xmas and love it.
  • AKM0282
    AKM0282 Posts: 36 Member
    I got mine just over a week ago and am loving it. Of course I got the old one because it's what I could afford, but I think it works great so far. The tracking is fantastic and so are the challenges. I was able to add lots of mfp people to my team and so I'm able to see how I'm measuring up and get extra motivation from them. I am so glad I got mine.
  • vickywatty87
    vickywatty87 Posts: 5 Member
    I really like mine too. The app seems better since the update it just had too.
  • jansengirlnm
    jansengirlnm Posts: 9 Member
    love my UP... I am able to set a workout time and it vibrates on my arm to remind me :smile:
  • xtineds
    xtineds Posts: 4 Member
    I love mine, too!
  • marsia1234
    marsia1234 Posts: 40 Member
    Thanks all for the advise! I will definitely try it out, I like the idea of the reminders to get up and move. I work at a desk and I could be sitting at my computer for 7 hours a day if I'm busy so the gentle reminder would be great for me!
  • OhioGuy37
    OhioGuy37 Posts: 99 Member
    I have a Charge HR Fitbit, I think it's the best non watch tracker. However Jawbone is about to launch their newest tracker in a couple of days and it may take over the top spot