why are YOU losing weight?!



  • s2Mango
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    I want to take it all off as I want to be able to wear my old clothes again, to feel attractive to my boyfriend again, and because i'm sick of back and knee pain. I've been heavy since I hit puberty(though not THIS heavy. In fact I was only 20lbs overweight in HS), so I want my family to have something to revel at next time I see them.
  • healthygreek
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    I lost the weight to look better and feel comfortable in any clothes I want.
    I'm in my 60s and I want to stay as healthy and active for as long as I can as I age.
  • isulo_kura
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    It seemed like a good idea at the time
  • Vixenmd1
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    When I was at goal 08-11. I felt amazing. Now at 42 started up 55 lbs fom goal ( out of 75 ttl I lost) I had been plannung on getting back at it for awhile. Had a night where I felt like crap including and odd feeling in my chest. Started to worry so texted my kido who was on a trip with his dad (my ex) "just in case". That was 22 days ago. Lost over 11 pounds and have run every day since. I am back to between 4.5 and 5 miles a day.

    I really wish that was the end of my story. But it isn't.
    This sat at 76 my dad suddenly had a heart attack and died. My brother the doctor is confindent that it was a result of his weight that caused type 2 diabeties and hyper tenstion. My dad was very actvive often walking 3-4 miles a day with my parents dogs and golfed. He ran marathons till 50.He never smoked and didn't drink every. But he was morbidly obese for the last 20 years from strait old fashion crappy eatting and too much of it since 50. We all figured the fitness would overcome the crappy eating and morbid obesity. It didn't and we are all crushed. I now know that taking off this weight and keeping it off is truly a matter of life and death for me.
  • elphie754
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    I want to be able to live forever.

    Good luck with that Dr. Cullen lol.
  • tiffanybrooks530
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    i've yo-yo most of adult life and now i feel it in my joints. My goal is to lose body fat and gain muscle, strength, and energy for years to come.
  • jessilee119
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    In the beginning, it was about me wanting to look the way I did in high school before I gained all this weight, and getting healthy in the process would be a bonus. Now it's about me getting stronger/healthier and accomplishing things I never could even when I was thinner, and looking better is the bonus to all of that.
  • neenfitby40
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    I want to be healthy for my kids
    I have 8 and I don't want to miss out on their life due to obesity
    Also my back is ruined losing weight will help it not hurt so much which I've already proven by losing just 8 kgs
  • chewelvinna
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    I want to look beautiful.. ;)
  • 3JinItaly
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    I want to be a good example to my daughters. We live in a beauty obsessed culture and I want to model a healthy body and make smart food choices for them to learn by example. Plus I really like feeling strong and seeing what my body is capable of!
  • SwankyTomato
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    My waist is 37".
  • joshuapowell1989
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    To feel better about myself and more comfortable in myself.
  • Jgasmic
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    Vanity, mainly. I want to be comfortable rocking a bikini this summer. I gained 20 pounds after a hip injury kept me from running (but not from eating as if I was running 30+ miles a week) and I want to get down to my pre-injury weight before having the surgery to fix it. Or as close as I can reasonably get. I want to remain strong and healthy just less fat.
  • Candice153
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    Definitely vanity is playing part, but I would like to say just as equally would be my energy. I have a job, go to school and have 3 kids, so... I can't eat junk food and have chunk in the junk when running after my little monsters. Plus, another big one is that I want to show them good values and eating habits while they are young. Ages (6,5 and 2)
  • JLCrunch
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    Aesthetic, health and comfort. Speaking from experience, it's much easier to move around carrying 150lbs on my frame rather than the 230+ lbs I'm currently carrying.
  • Foamroller
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    Cause I'm vain :) the longer I go into this journey it's also evolved into a twin journey with exercise making me feel stronger and healthier and happier.
  • JLCrunch
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    I'm losing weight to be more healthy and to look a-m-a-zing in a bikini

    I was talking to a close friend of mine and she's losing weight because she feels like she can't "keep" a man with the body she has.. wrong reason?

    what's yours?

    I was almost 60lbs overweight and frankly, I didn't care. Rest of my relatives are/were overweight and obese, and I thought that was just my fate in life. I'd also had three kids, and there was a bit of a mental entitlement, because I had 'earned' the right to be at that point (I used to joke about my 'mom jeans' with friends-very much a norm mentality of moms in my area/circles). This mentality is actually pretty popular in culture I think-I've read numerous articles on yahoo etc where women justify being overweight/out of shape because they're moms and they'll 'never get their bodies back'. But they're still going to rock out the bikini at the beach (it always seems to be an article involving swimsuits lol). There's almost a sense of pride? Maybe defiance would be a better word though.

    Anywhooo-I was overweight and had no interest in losing it. Until I had some unexpected blood work done and found out I was a pre-diabetic. Yeah, that's another common trait in my family along with the overweightness-T2 killed one of my grandfathers, and is destroying several other of my family members lives, as well as putting their families through a lot of grief. Suddenly I wasn't so cavalier about my weight anymore. That's when I had my 'moment' and realized I had a very small window to try and make some changes, that could have a big impact not only on me, but also my family.

    Fast forward a few years and I've lost almost 60lbs and my glucose number has been in the normal range since 2013. Life is pretty good right now :)

    Yup. I had the blood work in September. :-/ A few years from now, I hope to be in a similar situation as that which you listed; healthy, and in "normal" range.
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  • DaveinSK
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    Because I figured it would be easier to drop the 20 lbs around my waist now and keep it off than take off 50 in another 20 years.

    That, and I wanted to get a feel for what I actually eat. I never worried about it before, so I didn't have any idea how many calories I ate in a day. I'm a numbers guy, so I like knowing the data.
  • WeddedBliss1992
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    purely for the way i look. i want to look in my mirror and like what i see. i am just not there yet.