Healthy snack ideas to help this student


I'm studying at the moment, whilst holding a full time job, and when I write an essay I am a secret snackoholic and crave chocolate and other fattening rubbish. Does anyone have any healthy snack ideas please?


  • Cherimoose
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  • Sued0nim
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    How many calories do you have for your snacking?

    Under 200?
    Hummus, carrot sticks, peppers, chips
    Toast, cottage cheese, avocado, tomato
    30g dark chocolate
    10 chocolate dipped strawberries
    170ml 0% fat greek yogurt and 150g blackberries
  • LKArgh
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    If you are craving chocolate, eat chocolate. If you want to eat something more filling, but not eat an entire chocolate bar, maybe add chocolate to something with lower calories? Like sprinkle chocolate over yoghurt, or make a fruit smoothie and add chocolate to it, or melt chocolate over bananas?
  • 89nunu
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    Same here!

    Get an apple and cut it in really fine tiny rings (as your would get them when dried just without the drying) get things like sugar snap peas and other veg to nibble on.

    depending on calories get popcorn and maybe even rice waffles (I hate the things but if it is just about the chuffing sth down my gob I can live with them)

    Or if it gets really bad just have lots of gum and water and get away from food. ie work in the library in a room that you are not allowed to eat in.
  • kpkitten
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    dark chocolate (with chilli or ginger!) will satisfy cravings but you might not need so much
    nuts and seeds
    fruit - dried or fresh, especially grapes/raisins because you can pick at them

    When I'm in essay/revision mode, I make a plate of snacks and pick at it through the day. Tends to be a handful of nuts and seeds (up to 300 calories, depending how much I have), dried figs, strawberries/raspberries/blueberries, a banana and 2 squares of dark chilli chocolate. Sometimes I'll add some oat biscuits and then not have a proper lunch
  • Leana088
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    I usually snack on cucumbers, carrots and bell peppers. Also tomatoes with salt and pepper
  • lyrical_melody
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    Yogurt, cheese sticks, veggies (carrots, cucumbers, peppers, etc.), hummus, 100 calorie packs of pretzels, fruit
  • LovingLife_Erin
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    I am big on snacking (it works for me), and I find having raw baby carrots, or green beans are great. Portable, healthy, and satisfyingly crunchy. I also like the Weight Watchers caramel wafers... under 100 calories and chocolate. Nakd bars are also a huge thing for me. The cocoa orange, or cashew cookie are amazing. They are just fruits and nuts smooshed together and around 140 calories per bar. They also taste delicious, and feel like you are having a treat.
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    Wasabi peas - high in protein, super flavorful and crunchy, too :)
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    greek yogurt mixed with a tbsp of creamy PB and a few choc chips on top...sweet, high in protein and will hold you over ;)