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Macro Goals for Runners?

I'm relatively new to the running game, but I'm really enjoying it and am planning on doing more distance running. I'm just curious what others may have their macros set to. I have mine set at MFP's default, though I do try and get more protein.

I run around 30+ miles a week, five days of strength training, one rest day, and one day on the elliptical.

I'm just curious as to what other distance/endurance runners shoot for in their macro breakdown. :smile:


  • itsmeGennie
    itsmeGennie Posts: 39 Member
    I wish I was an endurance runner - I run about 20+ miles/week and I leave my macros the same as the MFP setting but I just eat more carbs on my long run days. The off run days, I pack in the protein with dairy (greek yogurt, choco milk, string cheese) But this doesn't work for everyone. Would love to hear other thoughts