Playing guitar ?

Fazeng Posts: 11 Member
Guys, I saw on the list playing music burn calories.. Well I do play guitar a lot at least an hour per day. Do u guys think I should count that calories ? :#


  • tomatoey
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  • Alatariel75
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    Personally, I wouldn't. I don't log anything that isn't out of the course of an ordinary day, or planned as exercise.
  • Sued0nim
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    Are you joking?

  • otheliemoor
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    How intense do you play? It's all about heart rate, you know.
  • toofatnomore
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    That's hysterical. I play the guitar and have for years, many stage hours and have been fat for years.
    Only real excercise and deficit do it...I don't count sex THAT should be
  • Fazeng
    Fazeng Posts: 11 Member
    Yea ikr, I thought so too.. Wouldn't count then, Thanks guys :)