Lost Over Half The Weight, Still Look Fat

I have lost 75 pounds overall, about 50 of which with MFP. I still have about 45 to loose to be at a mid-range healthy weight for my height. I don't have a particular diet per say. I kind of eat whatever with an emphasis on moderation and trying to be healthy most of the time. I eat mostly fish, poultry, veggies and whole grain carbs (wheat bread, brown rice, wheat pasta). Red meat very rarely. Foods are usually baked or grilled. I do usually eat desserts as I have meds I have to take at night with food. I do not drink anything but water, and only very rarely (usually because of no other options in the situation I'm in, ever eat anything processed. I like to try to stick to healthier things (fruit, jello, etc), but do eat things like cake and pie in very small slices. (I usually knock the serving down to about a 100-150 calorie serving size. I usually have no problem eating at a calorie deficit - if anything I struggle more with eating enough calories. I work out at the gym around 2 -3 times per week, usually doing strength based machines to build muscle. The other days, as long as the weather is good, I'll take a mile long walk at a relatively slow pace.... my knew caps dislocate, so anything high intensity like running is out of the question.

Anyway, I've lost over half the weight I intend to loose, but I still look fat. My BMI is 28.4 (listed as overweight) and my body fat percentage is 32% (listed as obese). My biggest problem areas are my belly (39 inches) - with most of the fat in the front; I look like I'm pregnant, but I'm not. My neck (mostly the upper portion right under my chin), and my upper arms (underarm tricep area). I have been doing neck stretching exercises and chewing sugar free gum to help with the neck, crunches and curls for my pot-bellied stomach, and tricep exercises at the gym for my arms.

Anyway, after loosing over half of what I have to loose, I would have thought I would look less fat than what I do. Any help/tips for loosing body fat and not just pounds?


  • tesha_chandler
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    You're probably just focusing on your body more than you were before. I'm sure we would be blown away if you posted before and after pics. Maybe you're just your own worst critic. ;) Don't get discouraged.
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    You have lost so much weight, you are totally doing it! From what you describe, it sounds like you will be able to maintain your healthy lifestyle after you arrive at your desired weight. Just keep doing what you are doing, and congratulate yourself on your good habits. You will eventually get where you want to be. The pounds are body fat, so just keep losing it! Look at before pictures of yourself and remember how far you have already come. 75 pounds is a lot of weight.
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    Just keep at it. Since you are still obese, you can expect to still look fat. It goes with the territory.
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    My experience of losing weight previously is the it seems like the first place you put weight on is the last place that it goes. This can be frustrating on the downward journey, but I would encourage you to keep at it. You are now in the phase where the weight loss will start having a big effect on your shape. 10lbs weight lose now will be much more visible than 10lbs lost 75lbs ago.

    The issue is you have to regain an understanding of how your body looks and feels at its new size. I had a problem with this, and it is what I am focusing on on my current journey. Previously I lost 8 stone and I was uncomfortable with the attention that got, and I didn't feel like me when I looked in the mirror.

    Partly that is because when we are fat, we learn to objectify our bodies with constant criticism, as if our body is separate from ourselves. We need to see ourselves as a whole person, (mind, body and spirit), and treat each part of ourselves kindly, as each part has its own journey during weight loss.

    We must not be disappointed with any part of ourselves during this period, because it doesn't help. You have achieved a huge amount, so focus and celebrate the positive results your body has delivered you ; don't criticize your body for not meeting your mind/spririt aspiration (Yet!!)
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    Do you have photos of yourself throughout your weight loss, sounds like you have done an awesome job and looking at your photos laid out side by side might help you see that?

    This might be about your fundamental body shape, which sounds like you might be an apple. I am an apple too and my areas where I carry the weight are the places you describe as your problems areas. They are the first to show weight gain in my case and the last places the weight goes from, I am thinking that your last 40 pounds will make a big difference to your shape as they are probably mostly being stored in those areas.

    Also be careful with your the exercises you are doing to target these areas. They will not cause fat to leave those areas, only to strengthen and/or build up the muscle in those areas. If you exercise your abs heaps, but are not losing fat in those areas, the net effect can be to make your tummy stick out more because your tummy muscles are bigger/bulkier but you still have the same layer of fat over the top.

    Anyway, I think you are doing a great job and if you keep going you will see visual results quite quickly as you lose the last 40 pounds.
  • kristenlarkin
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    Have you taken pictures? I had lost 105 pounds before being brave enough to take a full body picture. Looking in the mirror I saw pretty much the same person I did 105 pounds heavier, but when I took a picture and I looked back at old pictures other people took of me, I saw a big difference. I'm still not where I want to be in weight, but I saw how far I came
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    Talk to your doctor and see if strength training would be out of the question. I have seen several members here reshape themselves with it. Lots of them recommend heavy lifting for reshaping the body, but you should clear that with your doc, given your problem with the knees. Check the success stories forum and you can search for threads with people who have done just this. I am still a work in progress myself. Good luck.
  • lillyrose2020
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    It's difficult to see changes in yourself. I have this issue. You've done an awesome job losing that weight, you just need to see it!
    As others have said look at photos from when you started and I'm sure you'll see a difference.
    I also found this body visualizer website, you plug in your height, age, weight and measurements to give you a visual of your body. So you can look at where you started compared with today. I found it really useful to see progress that I can't see in myself or in the mirror.
    (need to use a computer rather than mobile device for it work)