100lbs down into ONEderland!!

humanismu Posts: 51 Member
I did it I did it!! It took two years but I did it! 5'10 1/2 " . Had to laugh because my original measurements were something like 48, 44, 52 and then they dropped to 44, 42, 44, then to 40, 38, 44 and finally now 38, 36, 44. My hips are done getting any smaller I think!


300>>200 (picture was taken yesterday ha)

It has been an insane trip, and I still have another 20 I'd like to lose and focuse a lot more on toning. BUT YAAAY I'm going bananas over here!


  • Irisdupree33
    Irisdupree33 Posts: 7 Member
  • ToriJ84
    ToriJ84 Posts: 66 Member
    As you should be! Congratulations! Looking good doll.
  • _QueenE_
    _QueenE_ Posts: 459 Member
    edited April 2015
    Congratulations! :smiley:
  • lillyrose2020
    lillyrose2020 Posts: 178 Member
    Well done! You've lost a huge amount and should be really proud! :smiley:
  • chesnity3
    chesnity3 Posts: 960 Member
    Great job!
  • Galatians5_22
    Galatians5_22 Posts: 5 Member
    You go girl!!!
  • momuv3princesses
    momuv3princesses Posts: 154 Member
    Wooo hooooo!!!!! Way to go!!! Congrats on all your hard work! Very inspiring!! :)
  • Liftng4Lis
    Liftng4Lis Posts: 15,150 Member
  • JenniferInCt
    JenniferInCt Posts: 431 Member
    Whoohoo wonderful job!!!
  • bainsworth1a
    bainsworth1a Posts: 313 Member
    great job. I can't wait to say the words "I am in onederland
  • besaro
    besaro Posts: 1,858 Member
    i love that top you're wearing in the pic on the left! so cute.
  • princessquitealot
    princessquitealot Posts: 58 Member
    Keep challenging yourself!

  • carolemack
    carolemack Posts: 1,276 Member
    Fantastic! Such perseverance...way to go!
  • Fantastic! Way to go! 32 lbs before i hit onederland. You'll be my inspiration <3
  • sahead710
    sahead710 Posts: 74 Member
    Omgsh amazing job! I'm working so hard to get under 200 lbs last weigh in for me was at 206.8 another few weeks and I'll get there!!! You must be so proud nothing is more empowering than setting your mind to something as long and arduous as losing a lot of weight and then knowing that despite how hard of a journey it's been you still accomplished it, it causes you to love yourself and be in awe of your dedication and commitment! I wish you much success in getting to your goal weight!!!
  • humanismu
    humanismu Posts: 51 Member
    Thanks everyone!!! Now to just keep it under 200 amirite? :D
  • debubbie
    debubbie Posts: 767 Member
    Awesome job and congratulations to you! I can't wait to lose 100 pounds and hit ONEderland too! Thank you for posting and showing that it can be done. :)
  • sarahmgetsfit
    sarahmgetsfit Posts: 4 Member
    You look terrific! Congrats on your success! Seeing this post makes me feel more motivated. Thanks for sharing it.
  • emshort01
    emshort01 Posts: 2 Member
    Great job! Can't wait for that also, started at 300 too and am 5"9 u look great! Real inspiring
  • csk0018
    csk0018 Posts: 219 Member
    CONGRATS!!!!! 100 pounds lost is amazing!!!
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