Friends w/ 20-45ish pounds to Lose

Hi all!

I have been on this journey for almost a year now and have lost just over 60 pounds. However, I still have another 20-45 to get to a healthy weight.

I'm looking to add some additional friends who are within this general weight range (or a little over) to help motivate each other to goal!

Please feel free to add me if interested! :)


  • rawk_fairy_666
    rawk_fairy_666 Posts: 103 Member
    hi i started off with 40lbs to lose, have lost 15 so far, so 25 to go to get to a goal weight of 126. i'll add you :smile:
  • KarenE86
    KarenE86 Posts: 75 Member
    anyone on here can feel free to add me!
  • nicola8989
    nicola8989 Posts: 381 Member
    feel free to add me - I can't decide on my goals as it's hard to visualise what my body will be like when I get there! but I want to lose at least 30lb
  • yourradimradletshug
    yourradimradletshug Posts: 964 Member
    Looking to loose about 30 myself. Feel free to add me if you'd like but please put a message in your invite. Even a smiley face will do!
  • xkime
    xkime Posts: 35 Member
    Feel free to add me. I have been trying to do this on and off for years now BUT one of my good friends just passed away and she would've wanted me to continue. So I'm going to do this. I have around 35 pounds to lose and today is day one. I'm doing low carb instead of low calorie.
  • HollyPFlax
    HollyPFlax Posts: 79 Member
    Add me! I've got about 30 more pounds to lose.
  • EricNewark
    EricNewark Posts: 295 Member
    Anyone is welcome to add me. Started with about 60-70 to lose and down 30 since Christmas. Middle 40s married father of 4 (no I'm not trying to meet women! Lol). Sometimes we all just need a little encouragement.
  • Lexicpt
    Lexicpt Posts: 209 Member
    edited April 2015

    My goal is about 33 pounds. :smile:
  • jessiemjporter
    jessiemjporter Posts: 174 Member
    Add me if you like! i have at least 28lb to lose, ideally 42lbs though ^^
  • Kk2Aa
    Kk2Aa Posts: 25 Member
    I've added you, I have 40lb to lose to my first goal, I've lost 14 so far!
  • grlygrl123
    grlygrl123 Posts: 55 Member
    Add me as well! Looking to lose another 25-30 pounds. :)
  • Kate5283kate
    Kate5283kate Posts: 87 Member
    You are welcome to add me. I started off with 77 to lose and have 24 to go.
  • malonei01
    malonei01 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm rather new to this but any of you can add if you'd like :smile:
    I lost 4lbs last week, have 34 to go... Trying to get it off by the end of This year
  • FitGamerSmoak
    FitGamerSmoak Posts: 224 Member
    Feel free to add me :-) I have about 30-35 pounds left to lose :-)
  • Cking1162
    Cking1162 Posts: 65 Member
    I have about 20 lbs to reach my goal--you are free to add me..just put a message with the add so I know where you found me!
  • lillyrose2020
    lillyrose2020 Posts: 178 Member
    I'm in. 35lbs down, 20lbs to go!
    Congrats on your amazing loss!
    Oh and your screen name. I love star trek B)
  • teanahk
    teanahk Posts: 81 Member
    You can add me :)
    I've got about 35 pounds to go.
  • Seatown_Gal
    Seatown_Gal Posts: 20 Member
    Same here. I have lost close to 30 and want to lose another 25-30. Feel free (any of you) to add.
  • vgnfarmer
    vgnfarmer Posts: 108 Member
    Hi guys! I'm 5'4"
    SW 192
    MFP SW 173
    CW 164
    I'm at my adult low which is crazy because I feel the same (at times) but then look at my clothes and I'm like "whoa that fits way differently"
    You all can feel free to add me :smiley:
  • barbiereynolds701
    barbiereynolds701 Posts: 98 Member
    Im about 25lbs to my goal weight!

    Feel free to add me! :-)