Going to Disney next week, I have a meal plan but have no idea what to expect in terms of food options. Any words of wisdom? Should I change my goal from lose 1 lb per week to just maintaining my current weight until I return?


  • swole_elsa
    swole_elsa Posts: 247 Member
    I say if you're comfortable, just enjoy your time there with friends/family and try not to worry too much. You only go on vacation a select number of times, may as well not fret. A few days won't kill your progress in the grand scheme of things:-)
  • nebulasprout
    nebulasprout Posts: 15 Member
    Agreed! Try to make vaguely healthier choices, but don't beat yourself up for eating funnel cake or whatever. Besides, theme parks = lots of walking, so maybe you'll burn off some of those excess junk food calories!
  • NaomiJFoster
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    My vacation rule is that I pick one meal a day to completely splurge on. Like, go crazy splurge. The other two meals that day, I try to keep them more sensible and be mindful of what I choose. And I indulge in at least one treat each day. It's a vacation. It won't make or break you. Just enjoy it.