I need support guys

Hey yall. I'm Ruffa 27years old. I am currently residing in Fayetteville NC. I've been a member since 2012 and lost 30lbs that time, last year my grandpa passed and my husband quit medical school to join the u.s army and we barely seen each other for one and a half year. I just lost it! got really depressed, drank a lot and basically gained the 30lbs back. Now my health is taking a toll. My blood pressure skyrocketed and I just feel so unhealthy and out of shape. I wanna go back to fitness but the motivation is not there. Please help me to push harder to achieve my goal. I wanna have more friends and fitness buddies. Don't hesitate to add me. Thanks xoxo


  • PinkCoconut
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    Girl, you can so do this! I have a few questions that may help you find that motivation you're looking for! Feel free to friend me and we'll chat! :)
  • samharmony
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    Ruffa, I'm sorry to hear you've been having a difficult time. I know for me once a stressful situation hits I start to fall of the wagon. But you've taken a good first step by getting back on track to healthy. Good luck on your journey. - feel free to add me :)
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    It can be a real struggle to get back into being good & getting motivated again, especially when stress is involved. It can do funny things to a person. You have done it once I am sure that you can do it again. Good luck with your journey. :-)
  • ruffalicious
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    Thank you so much. This means a lot. I've been through a lot of emotional up and downs last couple of years. Whew! But I'm bidding goodbye to it and it's about time to focus with my health :)
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    Just started and looking for support! Feel free to add me
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    Im in the same shoes..
  • dianna1286
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    I'm sorry to hear about everything that's going on in your life. Today is a new day and because of that you can start over, health wise anyway. Once you start eating better and drinking lots and lots of water your blood pressure will drop and things will be better. Keep your head up. I've sent you a request if you needed to chat anymore. Anyone can feel free to add me. :)
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    I completely understand, I also lost 30 lbs last year - was so proud of myself. Then I went thru some health issues, stopped exercising, stopped logging but still didn't stop eating. Gained all the weight I lost PLUS. Even though I'm back on track - there are days where I say what the heck & fall off the wagon. I love the support I have on MFP & would love to give some back. Feel free to add me!
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    You can do it! Just stay strong and keep your chin up! Request sent
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    Hey girl so so sorry to hear about all your frustrations and everything you're going through. I know how hard it is never seeing ur husband. Mines in the marines me works nights, totally opposite schedules. I'm lucky if I see him during the week.
    As for fitness id love to motivate each other !!! Add me message anything u need. I'm here!
  • ruffalicious
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    You guys are so sweet. Thanks for everyone who sent me a friend request and for the inspiring words ;)
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    My grandpa just passed away too, and it threw me for a loop. Not only are you sad and grieving, but it throws your entire routine out of whack.

    One of the things that REALLY helps me keep anxiety and worry at bay is my fitness routine, so I try to remind myself of that whenever it gets too hard. It feels good to eat that piece of pizza or skip that workout just once, but in the long-run, staying healthy feels WAY better. Good luck to you! Let us know how it goes.
  • ruffalicious
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    Lindsmayf I'm so sorry for your loss girl. And I really understand where your coming from. lets motivate and help each other go not only through our fitness journey but also through our personal issues.