How many times a week can I reward myself with a chocolate bar or a junk meal? or should I have a cheat day where I just indulge in all my favourite foods in that one day? I think everyone needs a break from there healthy foods once in a while, the question is how often??


  • Roxiegirl2008
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    For me personally, I did not have a cheat meal until I had lost 25lbs. That just worked for me. When I hit that mark I only had one meal not a whole day. The more weight I lost the more my cheat meal became more healthy. Now if I have a meal that is sort of cheat it really does not resemble what most would call a cheat meal.

    I also planned my calories accordingly to account for any "treats" that eat.
  • cityruss
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    I'd personally incorporate all the things you like within your daily allowance and stop thinking of food in terms of "junk" and "cheats".
  • kathyk519
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    If you have room in your day with calories, have a little treat, just remember to log everything. Don't go too crazy on the cheat meals or treats because it can go south pretty quick. If I want pizza or whatever, I plan my day accordingly. Sometimes that doesn't work and I eat it anyway, and you just start again the next day.
  • EmmaFitzwilliam
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    cityruss wrote: »
    I'd personally incorporate all the things you like within your daily allowance and stop thinking of food in terms of "junk" and "cheats".

    That's my method.

    Also important, in my view, if you are going to make an energy dense choice (i.e., high calories, low nutrition), make it count. Slow down, taste and enjoy every bite. I get a lot of enjoyment out of a 45 calorie Mieszke espresso mini.

  • ASKyle
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    As long as the food fits in your macros/calorie count, you can have it every day, whenever you want.
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    i have a little dessert every day. i fit it into my goals and it gives me something to look forward to!
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    Every day if it fits in your allowance, every day if you cna deal with the consequences. Understand the impact on your deficit.
    A chocolate bar is between 20-50 mins exercise. I have one nearly every day, if i dont have chips or ice cream.

  • livingleanlivingclean
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    What is good or bad food? What is junk or cheats?

    I don't attach labels to food... I eat nutritious food most of the time, and a bit of less nutritious food if I feel like it.
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    I never have "breaks" form my "healthy" food. I don't need that! I eat a varied diet of whatever I want and like, I enjoy my diet every day! If I want chocolate, cookies, pizza, whatever, I'll eat that. Just watch the calories.