Syncing steps cheating??

Mornin' ya'll, I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5S and am now syncing my steps but feel that it's cheating and inaccurate just wondering if u have an opinion or if ya'll agree it's cheating on the pal users without such a device. Peace love and exercise.


  • MsMargie1116
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    If you're taking the steps, why's it cheating???
  • bulbadoof
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    why would it be inaccurate?
    and what is cheating? this isn't a contest...
  • htimpaired
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    I don't think they'd have the option of getting credit for how active you are if it was "cheating".
  • weavingtheweb
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    How on earth is it cheating on users without such a device? Everyone is doing this for their own health/fitness
  • lisamyershb
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    I had an issue with it deducting calories from cardio exercises performed. I think my daughter fixed it. It's all good I guess, gives me extra calories to bank.
  • nannimorgan
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    Well honeys I used to not sync, and felt it was the truth and nothing but, calories shouldn't be added for my daily tasks..... I was joking about cheating other users, lighten up ya'll
  • mccoyven22
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    It's not cheating, it should be viewed as an additive measuring tool for tracking your fitness progress. It is accessible to everyone if they choose (or able) to make the purchase. I think what you're trying to ask is: "Is the tracking device an unfair advantage because you can see with more accuracy your progress?"

    In which my response is still No. It is an option available to everyone if they choose to make the purchase.
  • TeaBea
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    Re: "Cheating" MFP users without a device - MFP asks every user to input an activity level. Sedentary people take people take more steps. Even an old-fashioned pedometer can be used to track steps (charts to compare sedentary vs. active) and users can manually adjust their accounts if they are so inclined.

    Before I got my FitBit....I accepted sedentary. So perhaps there were days when I ate less than I could and there were days when I ate more than I should. So what? I like having a FitBit, not because I earn more calories, but because it keeps me honest. I used to think....I'm not that sedentary. Now, that was cheating (myself).
  • Picchickolo
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    I like it because then you know generally what you are burning doing daily tasks. That way you can calculate how much exercise to get to lose weight or whatever. Don't use it as your calories burned for exercise.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Eh, just a personal preference. I have a fitbit but also have my activity level on MFP set to lightly active instead of sedentary, so I don't have the device synced. I use it more to just know how many steps I take and because it motivates my stepdad since I have a job where I'm on my feet it has given him some competition. When I do couch to 5k training and even for weight lifting, I add the exercise in on those days (putting in far less time than it takes for the weight lifting) for the slight increase in calories but that's about it. But that is my personal preference.
  • shadowfax_c11
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    What if it were cheating (which I don't see how it could be)? Weight loss ins;t a game or a contest. It is an adjustment in your way of living in order to improve your own health. The only winner or looser is you. I think it only makes sense to use as many tools as you can access in order to manage your health and weight loss as accurately as possible. I think the concept of cheating needs to just be eliminated from weight loss vocabulary.