Tuna Salad

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Lately I've been taking tuna salad to work for lunch. My tuna salad is basically a can of tuna some mayo, mustard and dill pickle relish. I love it but it's starting to get boring. Anybody have any good and EASY spicy recipes? Thanks!


  • SimoneBee12
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    I really love tuna and avocado! I don't eat spicy food, so I can't help you there, but I'm sure you could add some spicy sauce or something?
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    Spicy recipes of what sort? Sandwich spreads, salads, curries... What category? I love spicy lentils (daal) and indian or zanzibari-style chickpeas are really spicy and pretty delicious. You could also make chili, if you like it, or a spicy take on a chicken salad. What are you looking for in particular? :)
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    EASY spicy tuna salad recipes are what I'm looking for :)
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    I'm pretty simple but I like to chop celery up in mine to make it bulkier with few calories added. I love adding a good red hot sauce to it and can't live without that (Frank's or Texas Pete, something like that). I've also tried making it with avocado instead of mayo and it's pretty tasty, too. If you like spicy, try making it with diced jalapenos instead of relish and it's pretty darn good.
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    Never tried it but chipotle tuna, either made with chipotle mayo or even chopped canned chipotles, would probably be delicious!
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    I make homemade guac with lots of jalapeno and onion and mix that with it instead of (or in addition to) some mayo.
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    try chicken in a can (like tuna) mixed with mayo and franks red hot sauce rolled in a wrap with lettuce and tomatoes or whatever you like :) Its nice and spicy. easy and fast.
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    or the chicken in a can mixed with a small amount of pureed chipoles in adobo roll up in a wrap with avacado, cilantro and paper thin slices of red onion. YUM Sometimes I also add black beans and corn. Also I chop up a lean pork chop season with garlic and onion powder and a bit of cayenne pepper. Add a bit of spicy chile verde in a can, a couple orange slices and a slice of onion. Wrap in a foil pouch and bake it until the meat easily shreds. Remove onion and orange slices. Broil for a minute or 2 to make the outside kind of crunchy. Easy "carnitas" Wrap in a tortilla, or a lettuce or cabbage leaf, top with salsa, diced onion, cilantro YUM :)
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    This is a spicy tuna. You don't have to make the wrap. The Tuna Salad is delicious on its own. soupspiceeverythingnice.blogspot.com/2014/06/nori-spicy-tuna-salad-wrap.html

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    You can use spicy pickles instead or mix a little cayenne or hot sauce into it.
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    I use crush red peppers
    EASY spicy tuna salad recipes are what I'm looking for :)

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    Well, thinking back to an old favorite restaurant: Add curry and cayenne pepper.
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    Tuna mixed with cream cheese and diced olives with a little of the olive juice. It's really good. I think it's a Paula dean recipe
    It's not spicy but when I eat It I always put either sriracha or hot sauce on it :)
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    Tuna with rice, bell peppers, spring onions and olives. Add sour cream with olive oil and black pepper.
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    Buffalo sauce, greek yoghurt, tin of tuna, red onions diced, jalapeños, bell peppers diced, cucumber diced, iceberg lettuce diced and a little grated cheese (strong cheddar or mexican cheddar works well. Takes two mins to chop up salad and open the can) . Making this for my lunch to take on my walk.
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    Great ideas! Thanks everyone :)
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    I use crushed pepper flakes
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    hot pickles, cayenne or crushed red pepper, fresh or pickled jalapeno, hot mustard...i like spicy too!