So I am trying to come up with a daily schedule to stick to. I NEED HELP! Please share you daily time line... start to finish. What time do you wake up? What time do you workout? What time do you eat? Work? Etc! In what order do you do these things?

Thanks guys!


  • Zombella
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    Hey I am a SAHM. I basically wake when the kids do (anywhere from 6a to 8a). I try to eat something for breakfast because I usually work out around 10ish if I am able to. I usually try to eat lunch around 11 or 12. I make dinner around 5.
  • Barbs2222
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    I think you have to play around with it. It took me forever to find out that IF 18/6 works best for me. I sleep so much better and it seems like the more I sleep the less hungry I am. I don't work out besides house and yard work but when I get within 10 pounds or so of my goal I'm going to switch that up. I too am a stay at home mom and get up with my daughter, I have gone back to sleep before getting my son up though. My hubby has to get up at 5 a.m. and I sleep through that mostly. Everyone is different, you have to find out what is right for you. Maybe a personal trainer?
  • My_Butt
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    Wake up 5am
    Breakfast while in the work truck at 6am
    Lunch at noon
    Snack at 3pm
    Get home at 7pm and start dinner
    Eat dinner at 8pm
    Workout at 9pm
    Bed by 10pm.

    (I work long hours doing construction, so my insanity workout is just before bed)
  • Jenkorp72
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    Up at 4AM
    Protein and dairy at 4:45
    Start work at 6
    Protein fruit/veggie at 8:30
    Protein and fruit/veggie at 11:30
    Protein at 3:30
    Out of work at 4:30
    Work out at 5:30 ( depending on calorie intake tells how long I work out for )
    Protein and fruit/veggie at 6:30
    Bed by 9

    Feel free to add me. My food diary is open to friends.
  • boobeey
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    Hi there I work 7am to 7pm so around 9am i eat a banana then 11am i eat 3 boiled eggs (no yolk) with a fit and active yogurt then at 2pm I eat lunch usually a huge salad then around 5 or 6 i eat dinner which is a lean meat with alot of veggies. once I get off at 7pm I go for a 4 mile run/walk then go home and have a snack (4 ounces of cashews or a dessert yogurt) if I really hungry I'll some zuchinni and squah stir fry. If i want something sweet thought out the day I'll eat a whole pack of fruit adventure tic tacs
  • krmsotherhalf68
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    My schedule is flexible and I am not one to have a strict regimen of diet and exercise. I stay within my calorie goals for the day and I move more than I used to. Seems to work (100 lbs. lost and counting).

    I get up after a good 7 to 8 hrs of sleep. I've found this amount of sleep is the best for me to feel well-rested. I shower, do whatever needs to be done around the house, then I take a break to have breakfast (usually oatmeal with almond or flax milk, cinnamon, and some fresh or frozen fruit). After breakfast, I head out the door to do any errands, etc. I like to grab a grocery carriage and zip through the aisles of my local grocery store, Walmart, or Target even if I don't need to buy anything. This is a great way for me to get more walking into my day without hurting my lower back or knees because the carriage gives me a little extra support.

    Then it's home for lunch (my favorite lunch is hummus on a flax & oat pita with either some red pepper strips or lean deli turkey). There are afternoons where I don't do much more than pay bills and check my messages. Then there are other days I'll do armchair T'ai Chi or low impact aerobics specifically for people who have sore knees.

    For dinner I make sure whatever I have is balanced and within my calorie goals. This can mean having grilled chicken over a large salad and maybe a piece or two of whole grain bread, or it could be something like roasted spaghetti squash with Italian chicken sausage and tomato sauce. Doesn't really matter to me, as long as it's within my daily goals.

    I usually leave room to have a piece of fruit, popcorn, or a yogurt for a snack while watching TV. And my number 1 rule for myself is I don't deprive myself of ANYTHING. If I want a piece of cake or a margarita once in awhile, I just plan ahead.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck!
  • RavenLibra
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    Weekdays as follows:
    up around 4:00 straight into the shower
    4:15 make coffee take dogs for walk do walking lunges currently 3 sets of 10 on each leg.
    4:45 drink coffee catch up on news
    5:00 iron clothes
    5:15 brush teeth & dress
    5:30 eat breakfast 2 slices dry whole wheat toast, 1 tomato, 10 almonds, 12 ounce glass of water 2000Iu vitamin D
    5:45 walk to bus stop
    6;45 arrive at work:
    9 :00 apple
    depending on the weekday: Mon; wed; Fri : 11;00 builder's bar
    11:45 gym for 35 minutes of cardio and 2-3 "lifts"
    1:00 lunch; salad with field greens, spinach, boiled egg crushed walnuts, grape tomatoes, stick of marble cheese and 1 tablespoon of sundried tomato vinaigrette.

    Tuesday and Thursday... lunch at 12:00 same salad as the rest of the week.

    3:00 snack navel Orange
    4:00 head home
    5:30 -7 dinner the only variation I add to my diet

    sometimes I 'll lift some after work ( basement gym comprised of squat rack with Pull down... various dumbbells, kettle bells...) depending on how effective my regular lifting was... sometimes a guy just wants to load up the bar and torture himself.

    bed time around 9
  • Hastalabeastababy
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    5:45 wake up
    7:00 head to work
    7:30 eat breakfast (egg whites, oatmeal, almonds, black coffee)
    10:30 snack 1 (4 oz. chicken breast, 3 oz. sweet potatoes and .5 oz walnuts)
    1:00 lunch (4 oz. chicken breast, 1/3 cup brown rice, 1 cup veggies like zucchini or broccoli)
    3:30 snack (scoop protein powder, 2 tbsp pb2, 1/2 banana)
    4:30 head home
    5:00 workout
    6:15 - 6:30 protein shake
    7:00 dinner (normally 4 oz protein, some carbs, whatever I can fit into my macros)
    9:00 casein shake
    10:00 normally in bed

    It's not always this way. I have to adjust for late night meetings sometimes, but for the most part this is my work week. Weekends are a different story. I try to stay as close to this as possible. Just be mindful of what you're eating. And my exercise is usually earlier in the day on the weekends, like between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Just depends on schedule. Food prep is on Sundays which really helps me stay focused on what I eat during the week. Make a batch of brown rice, batch of chicken breasts, roasted veggies and portion everything out. I normally only do 2-3 days worth of portions at a time because sometimes I've found if I do any more than that, the food can get a little suspect. My food diary is open too to my friends.
  • SarahSmiles2004
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    It's truly a personal thing. What I do may not work for someone else strictly because of work/life/lack of kids etc.

    I work in an office, I have the opportunity to have a standing desk. I also am able to take a 1 hour lunch.
    Monday Through Friday
    440 am - wake up
    500 am - gym for 1 hour
    640 am - arrive at work
    700 am - eat breakfast
    1100 am - eat lunch, at desk
    1400 pm - take lunch hour to go run
    1600 pm - leave work
    1630/1700 pm - dinner
    1730 pm - errands/house chores/clean/meet up with friends
    2000 pm to 2100 - wind down
    2130 pm - bed
  • Jennloella
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    My work times vary so that changes my eating, but workout every day at 5 before all 4 kids wake up. I'm home from work no later than 8, so homework is from 8 to 10 most nights.
  • felblossom
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    5:20 Wake up, get ready
    5:45 15 min walk to bus stop and bus to work.
    7:00 Start work, cup of coffee
    9:00 Breakfast (right now I'm doing yoghurt+granola/fruit or chia pudding)
    12:30 Lunch (prepacked brought to work)
    14:00 Coffee and maybe a fruit
    15:30 Get off work, 25 min walk + commute home
    17:00 Snack (fruit, quark, chocolate, bread)
    17:15 Shower
    18:00 Make dinner
    20:45 Bed

    Right now my only work out is walking so it fits with this schedule, would have to experiment a bit with snacks/shower times if I were to do another kind of work out :)
  • kickassbarbie
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    Wake up at 6am - breakfast and coffee
    Then at 8am- either jog or weights depending on day.
    9.45am - top up tan etc and snack (often a shake or fluff)
    (Pretty much do nothing/ wander round aimlessly or renovate my new house/garden.)
    Snack often about 12.30
    Lunch usually about 2pm.
    Snack at 4pm
    Dinner 7.30pm
    Meditate 8.30pm
    9pm sometimes a snack here too depending on the rest of days food intake.
    9.30pm bed and hot chocolate with Marshmellows or similar.

    (When I'm working it all becomes protein shakes, high calorie foods, erratic eating patterns tho. Luckily I only work few months a year or my health would be scarily bad with no structure.lol.)
  • Mrsallen6_11
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    My days are pretty much all the same, except for the weekends. My weekend schedule is always plan as you go, but the weekdays look like this:

    5:30am: wake up, make breakfast, make coffee, feed cats, make sure husband gets up
    6:30am: 15 min. workout
    7:30am: leave for work
    9:00am: snack (fruit & yogurt)
    11:30am: take lunch, eat lunch with husband
    2:30pm: snack (fruit & yogurt, or a protein bar)
    5:00pm: leave work
    5:30pm: Evening workout 30-60 min (depends on the day, M.W.F Strength & T.TH.SAT. Cardio)
    7:00pm: take shower, cook dinner, watch t.v.
    9:30-10:00pm: brush teeth & go to bed
  • tlflag1620
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    I'm a sahm of 3 (soon to be 4). Weekdays, when school is in session look like this:

    6:30 am wake up, have coffee watch news
    6:50-7:20 do strength routine (m,w,f)
    7:20 wake offspring the eldest and fix her breakfast and pack her lunch
    7:30-8 do cardio while she gets herself ready for school
    8 shower, dress myself
    8:20 help offspring the eldest brush hair and walk her to bus stop (end of driveway)
    8:30. The other two have woken up by now and need breakfast (and the youngest needs a diaper). I have breakfast at this time as well
    8:50. Clean up breakfast dishes (and kids) get them dressed for the day
    9 log into mfp and enter the days exercise plus what I've eaten so far. Enter what I planned for dinner, and figure out from there what I can have for lunch and snacks; check email, pay bills, do any other online things
    9:30 til noon time with kids, time doing housework
    Noon Lunch for all
    12:30 clean up lunch mess, run any errands or go to any appt. (I always schedule things in afternoon), if nothing planned, more play time with kiddos
    2:30 snack time for all, clean up, straighten house as needed
    3:30 offspring the eldest gets home, go thru her folder, help her get a snack (and of course the littles want snack #2 at this time, lucky them!
    4 start dinner (this varies depending on what I'm making, some things need to be started earlier in the day, other things don't take so much time)
    4:30-5 husband gets home from work
    5 sit down to dinner
    5:30 clean up, make some evening coffee, get oldest child to do her homework
    6 watch evening news while kids play
    6:30 feed cat and clean letterbox, get meat out to thaw for next night's dinner, go outside if weather permits
    7 get kids baths (if needed) and pjs, give them dessert
    7:30 supervise teeth brushing, story time and bedtime routine for younger kids
    8 p younger two lights out, spend some time with oldest child (either help her study spelling list or play cards or a board game with her and husband if no spelling work to do)
    8:30 oldest child in bed, lights out
    8:30 til 10:30 - time with husband... Watch tv, maybe have an evening snack, perhaps engage in, ahem, adult activities
    10:30 sleep
    Wash, rinse, repeat

    Weekends follow similar patterns, but with less structure and more family time and outings. I don't do formal exercise on weekends.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    Wake up at 6am, go to work at 7am (eat on the way).
    Lunch at 11:30am.
    Home at 4pm.
    Do classes / homework and eat while doing that (I'm an online grad. student) 4p-7/8p (varies).
    Workout 8p-10:30p (1 hr. of this round trip is actually driving to and from the gym since I live in a rural area).

    *I don't work out every day and my schedule changes quite often.

    For example, this is what one day this week looked like after work:
    Worked late to 5p, did class work until 7p.
    Drove to state park / lake and arrived about 7:40p.
    Trail running / hiking until about 9p (turned around after not quite half-way as it was dark, technically sunset was at 8:19p, about the same time I turned around).
    Drove home, watched TV for an hour (until about 10:30p) and went to bed.