Garmin Connect+ buddies?

Anyone like to become my friend on there? My username was taken so I'm lilacjames on the site instead of snailrunner.

I'm a regular runner, doing a weekly parkrun now (PB last Sat was 27:15, which I'm really pleased with) and run for enjoyment rather than having specific time/distance/event goals.

Hope to hear from you to be pals on both MFP and Garmin :bigsmile:


  • Ftw37
    Ftw37 Posts: 386 Member
    Friend request sent. My name on garmin connect is ftw037. Anyone who wants, please add me!
  • Livingdeadnurse
    Livingdeadnurse Posts: 140 Member
    New to garmin. Livingdeadnurse add me if you are still looking for friends
  • kgb6days
    kgb6days Posts: 880 Member
    I just sent friend requests. I'm kgb6days on Garmin Connect.
  • printdoc2006
    printdoc2006 Posts: 30 Member
    New Garmin Vivosmart here feel free to add me.
  • welshpoppy
    welshpoppy Posts: 114 Member
    I am Welshpoppy on Garmin connect anyone who would like can add me