80 pounds down and counting

tiffany0127 Posts: 380 Member
In August of last year I was walking through Sam's Club with my husband. I was out of breath, my feet hurt, my joints ached, and I realized I was waddling because I was so big...that was my "aha" moment. That was the moment I decided I needed a change. I spoke with my doctor and started a reduced portion, low carb, no sugar diet and started logging everything on my fitness pal. The results within two weeks were amazing. My cravings went away, I dropped almost 20 pounds, I was gaining energy and motivation. After that I started to slowly add exercise in. I lift twice a week and do cardio five times a week. I am currently 50 pounds away from my goal weight and not looking back. 80 pounds down and counting!!! f63z5onfgegz.jpg