Sharing your weight when your tall problems

I have had the pleasure (yay) of people starting to notice that i have lost weight how ever there excitement for me diminishes when they ask "oh great how much do you weigh now??" and i tell them 216 they frown and go oh alright. My mother who i am not close to at all is 5'4 and was extremely over weight after unhealthily loosing weight (barely eating) she now weighs 210 and raves and raves about how she never thought she would weigh less than me. DUDE acceptable weights differ according to your height. For my height i am not THAT over weight my norm for my body type according to bmi is 180 pounds where as someone who is 5'4 should weight like 140? Does this irritate everyone else? When people go OMG YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE YOU WEIGH THAT MUCH trying to be nice about it when i do in fact weigh that much and its not "obese" yes i weigh 200 pounds it sounds crazy i know but its not. Sorry about any punctuation errors i didn't really take the time to proof read.


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    Hey there! I get this ALL. THE. TIME. I'm 5'11 and a woman and have lost almost 30 pounds now. I started at 185 and now I'm down to about 157. The problem with being tall though is that even at 185 I didn't necessarily look obese. And now that I'm 157 people are commenting on how thin I am. It makes me laugh because most models are around my height are still about 30 pounds thinner than I am. That's beside the point though. Yes being a taller person we will be heavier. It's hard for us taller ladies though because we see our more average height peers chirping that they're all 130. It's not realistic for us. My boyfriend thinks he's dating some super model (which makes me feel pretty amazing) but I'm very average. If people give me grief about being heavier than 130-140 I joke that I can't cut off my long legs. The one advantage that taller women have over shorter women is that even if we're 20,30,60 pounds overweight or pregnant or bloated we carry it much better than shorter women. You keep doing your thing! It's nice to know that taller women are out there on this journey too.
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    People who ask others what they weigh (outside of a weight loss forum) are not exactly polite. Take their comments with a grain of salt.
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    Well I'm 5'11" and I get that comment all the really is annoying. My second all time favorite is when people ask me why I'm watching what I eat and I answer honestly cause I'm fat and need to lose weight and then they say it: your not fat, your just big boned! Cause I'm sure bones weigh over 200lbs... Yeah no! Or they tell me I'm not fat which is nice but not true. So I feel your pain and my mom does that too me too and she five foot four and a quarter lol
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    I'm 5'10 and currently 264- so yeah, a lot of weight to loose. I've hit a plateau but I feel like I look better- I've got the double "blessing" of being tall and actually big boned- broad hips and shoulders and all. I could double for a German barmaid. So I have reconciled that I may well always be "overweight." I figure I have about 60 to 70 more lbs to go.
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    The one advantage that taller women have over shorter women is that even if we're 20,30,60 pounds overweight or pregnant or bloated we carry it much better than shorter women..

    Yes!! People look at me all bug eyed when I tell them that I'm still over 200 pounds (205). My coworker legit thought I weight like 175.

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    Ladies the struggle is real if you need more friends and support add me lord knows I can always use motivation
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    I am 6'2 (and I naturally have a good amount of muscle), so I always am amazed by how little people can weight. I am still 85 kg (187 pounds), which to me is very light (almost my target weight, which is around 175 pounds), but most guys I know are between 135-170 pounds. So, I just don't compare my weight to others. Luckily guys don't do it to each other (as girls apparently do as in your OP).
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    I'm 6 foot and people are always saying stuff like you can't weigh more than 130 soaking wet. My weight fluctuates from 150-170 (trying to recover binge eater) and you can't tell much of a difference dressed between the two extremes. Being tall has its advantages, but people say the dumbest things... You must play basketball.....
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    Amen!!! I'm 5'10 and can't wait to see 1 freaking 99!!! People drop jaw when I tell them I am pushing 215. I look awesome at 170-180. It's a blessing and a curse lmao :) good luck to all you on your journey !
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    I'm 5'10" without shoes. Nobody needs to know my weight. Yet once I get down closer to 200 lbs, I would have no problem saying with confidence, "This is what 200 pounds looks like." I'm not keen on my looks at 285 (current) but my body looks strong and pretty decent at 240. I look a bit too thin at 185 but am aiming close to that as a goal weight. It seems like society (mistakenly) expects women to weigh no more than 120 regardless of height . That us saying we are a higher weight number is hard for them to wrap their minds around. Anyone saying "but you don't look that heavy" needs to be told "but this IS what ### looks like". As I lose weight I may or may not say how many pounds to those that may inquire. That too seems to confuse people. I've dropped 20+ but I know it isn't noticeable yet. Probably not for another 20. Just as I don't "show" my weight, it also takes a bit to show the loss.

    Thought provoking post. Thanks! In a world of short gals, its nice to interact with kindred tall folk. Some of our challenges and successes will be unique to our stature.

    Feel free to send friend request. I keep open diary and am on every day.
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    I get that a lot lol. I am 6'2" & have weighed about 200 for the last few years. NO ONE believes me because I still look pretty thin (I carry my weight all in my lower half & try to keep that concealed haha). I finally started MFP & have lost about 4 lbs so far & people flip out when I tell them I'm losing weight. I have joint pain & I am so out of shape I just want to feel better. I honestly don't care what weight I end up (maybe aiming for 180-190) because there is no shame in those numbers if you are healthy. We just weigh more!
    It is kind of a blessing that us tall people can carry a few extra lbs & it's really not noticeable. But people should mind their own business about what people weigh.
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    karla24687 - I am also 6"2 (as I mentioned)... when I weighed 240 pounds (my starting weight) I also had really annoying/painful joint/muscle pain. Now that I am lighter (187) I don't have that problem at all. So losing weight really can make a lot of difference. Just sharing in case you need some motivation. Good luck! :)
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    After having children i fight that my weight hides in my thighs, buns, and breasts. No joke a quarter of my weight is prob in those areas so i hide it well. People usually assume i weigh 170/180 (i wish) and that im trying to hit 150 they are appalled when i say I'm over 200 pounds. my GOAL weight is 180 I would hit the moon if i was 180 and guess what i dont want to weigh less than that. I want to have muscle i want to be strong I WANT TO KEEP MY BIG BUTT. I like it my lower half i feel sexy the problem is society is so keen on everybody being LEAN LEAN LEAN your not healthy unless you LEAN when we should be focusing on FEELINGS what weight you FEEL good not what weight your neighbors feel good about you being. Does this make sense?
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    *find not fight
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    I'm 5'11 and down to 145 lbs from my starting weight, which was 215 lbs. No one guessed I weighed over 200 lbs. In fact, coworkers would use that as the "hyperbole" number, as in, "Ugh I feel like I weigh 200 lbs" after a big lunch. Thing is- I ACTUALLY DID. It didn't feel good.

    I was going to take an aerials class (people lifting me in the air) so I had to be open about my weight. One guy was like, "Yeah the 100 lb girls are just going to be easier to lift than you. You probably weigh what-- 120?" Ha ha ha. If I weighed 120 I would be skin and bones.
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    I can relate. I'm 5'10". 267 at my highest, now 166. Working on getting a little lower.

    Nobody has any clue what I weigh. Short people just can't relate. When my friends would ask how many more pounds I wanted to lose at various points they were always shocked and concerned that I wanted to get to dangerously low weights. Then when I told them what I currently weighed they were shocked again. It's a blessing though. We can hide a few pounds much better than short people.

    The real negative is clothing sizes. Even at 180-190...which was overweight but not obese for my height...I often had trouble finding shirts that were a large enough size in regular, non plus-size, stores. I have broad shoulders and a large chest and carry more weight in the upper body so was often forced into plus sizes even when much shorter obese women could happily buy their size 12 or 14s in any store in America. THAT always annoyed me. LOL!