plastic vs. glass tupperware

i know this is probably a dumb questio. but i love to meal prep. i am now going to be working and was wondering which is better plastic or glass tupperware? also which do u feel food last longer in? thanks


  • Garebearrr
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    Plastic is cheaper and most people use those but glass is always the better option mainly because plastics can have BPA or other things in the plastic could be potentially getting into food. Especially if you put hot things in it or microwave them. Glass is always safer. I haven't noticed a difference with how long food lasts between the two if they both contain lids.
  • RodaRose
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    You can transfer the food in the tupperware into a different kind of container before microwaving it.
  • Curtez
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    Glass glass glass! I got rid of every piece of plastic tupperwear and got a storage set of glass pyrex bowls etc of diff sizes. Can reheat in the glass + no dangerous chemicals leeching into the food
  • greco16
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    I'd be more worried about the microwave
  • Annie_01
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    The both have their pros and cons.

    Plastic will stack better and take up less space in your cupboards...they are light weight and can just be thrown in your bag. I find the glass containers do not stack as well and can be quite weighty to transport.

    You can see the contents of the glass ones were I am guessing at the plastic unless I take off the lid.

    On the other hand...I hate to wash all that plastic...they get stained...sometimes warp...and I don't like eating out of them. Glass on the other hand...if food gets stuck or burnt on them they are easily clean. They also are closer to eating on a real plate.

    I have a combination of both. The glass is definitely more expensive and I worry about breakage but they look so much prettier on the shelf.

    Buy a small set of both...see which ones you prefer.
  • Francl27
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    I only use glass now.
  • MonkeyMel21
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    We just swtiched to glass. I still kept my plastic though and usually bring them to work with left overs cause I'm scared of dropping the glass, lol.
  • lalepepper
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    I like glass the best, but I also don't transport my food outside of the house very often. My main preferences for glass come down to durability (I've had "microwave safe" containers melt on me) and their ability to transition from fridge to oven or microwave without needing to transfer everything. It definitely takes up more space and can be more expensive, so consider your options based on your needs. I haven't really noticed any difference in what food lasts longer in, but be sure to check the quality of the seal. Sometimes glass containers can be less of a tight seal than plastic, especially if they're cheap, which can affect food storage longevity.
  • alliesgettinghealthy
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    I prefer glass over plastic. I don't care for the staining that plastic containers get, and I find that they absorb the smells of whatever foods you put in them. Plus I hate washing them. Glass is longer lasting, easy to wash, and doesn't retain smells. :)
  • Tried30UserNames
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    I use Anchor glass containers with lids. The lids stay on well and don't leak. I don't have a microwave at work or home so these can go right in the oven. They clean up very easily - even burnt on food doesn't stick.
  • jonrenly
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    I think you should just invest in some nice tupperware regardless of the material.... I use these and I looooooove them, but they're made out of plastic. Produce lasts so much longer in them.
  • slimzandra
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    I use plastic to bring my lunch to work because of the dividers. Otherwise, I prefer glass for dinners at home.
    If someone knows of a glass container, not too large with dividers build in. kindly clue me in.
  • GrammyPeachy
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    I use both for different things but mostly the glass. I just love them.
  • fallenoaks4
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    I mainly use glass. I like to freeze individual servings of casseroles in glass containers and then stick them in the oven without having to transfer containers.
  • cat_lady77
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    I would love to use only glass if I could afford it lol. I do have a few small containers though. Plastic only lasts so long before it gets gross or the smell won't wash out. If I leave something in there for a long time I'll usually throw the whole thing away.
  • alt5057
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    I had gotten rid of all our plastic containers and switched to glass, but I did just buy a few more plastic containers for taking salads for lunch. The glass size that was large enough to mix didn't fit in any of my lunch boxes. But anything that needs reheated goes in glass.
  • JenSD6
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    I use my glass containers almost exclusively. Some of them have been going back and forth in my lunch bag for years, and I haven't broken a single one yet. They're pretty durable if you get good quality ones.
  • randomtai
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    I use plastic because it's cheap and I am cheap.
  • Queenmunchy
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    randomtai wrote: »
    I use plastic because it's cheap and I am cheap.

  • RHSheetz
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    Just switched from Plastic to glass. Made the investment and I am happy that I did. I meal prep and freeze my meals, then take them frozen to work and Microwave them. I still use my plastic for things I do not heat, or when I run out of glass.