What do you do for excersise???



  • learkelsey
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    I do weight training twice a week for twenty minutes a session, it helped me loose 2 stone and tone up at the same time :)
  • Frankie_Felinius
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    Not being too hard and burning lots of calories - - water aerobics. I did it years ago and was the only person under 60 but hey...it worked!
  • ichigoinu
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    Hoop dancing and walking currently. Getting ready to add strength training in two days a week.
  • cwolfman13
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    I lift weight a few days per week and I cycle a few days per week and I walk my dog. I ride more if I'm training for something, otherwise I just try to get in around 50 or so miles per week in the saddle.
  • rainbow198
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    Brisk walking, strength-training (weights, body weight), Pilates occasionally and workout videos (DVD + Youtube). Nothing too strenuous so I can do little bit everyday. I love being active!
  • CSARdiver
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    30 mins cardio / target resistance training / 30 mins cardio

    I do this M-F and put in a long steady state cardio on Sunday usually.
  • BrittaniDirks
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    Thanks for all the feed back, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned bulging muscles some people don't like that comment I guess !! I have two female family members who work out hard core and do have bulging calves like a man would have if he competes in weight competitions or something. So woman can get them , but it's all good I would rather be normal weight with bulging calves I suppose than be overweight with normal calves!! I'm gonna try so e different suggestions from here. I know now I am prob no where near working out as hard as I thought and prob no where near having any kind of bulging muscles lol!!
  • MissJay75
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    I need something that's not too hard but will burn lots of calories if that exists.. Let me know what you do

    You can't have it both ways. Not too hard will not burn lots of calories.

    This is pretty accurate. However, if you find something you really enjoy, you won't mind the hard work nearly so much.

  • ValGogo
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    Girl, stop. your legs are not going to get huge. do the exercises, then try to do them longer, change it up and stop making that mistake that all women make in thinking that they are going to get huge. You have to work out reeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy hard and eat a lot and do it for a long time in order to get "huge football player calves" (laughing at the ridiculousness of that statement.) Get on it girl, do it and get fabulous! Oh and fitnessblender is great. you just discovered gold! check out all the videos and see what you can use.
  • inked_Calimom82
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    My main workout is my TurboFire videos but I also add some weight lifting from my 21 Day Fix program. I love it I never get bored. :)
  • vdobbs28
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    I love anything from Jillian Michaels, I am currently doing the 30 Day Shred. I also love HIIT!
  • zaxx1953
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    Right now i'm on a deload, so bodyweight squats, HIIT with jump ropes and band work.

  • bluecheesesticks
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    Ballet Beautiful Pilates, swimming, elliptical sometimes, run sparingly. I'm a ballet dancer, so I like to keep my cross-training low impact.
  • jadecobbett
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    I like to mix all things
  • nerdgirlinlv
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    Walking dogs daily, Daily Burn 6 days a week ( currently True Beginner Program wk 5 woohoo! ) Yoga on my rest day
  • ThumperWabbt
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    Swimming, rule-free racquetball, and walking. The swimming is my favorite.
  • green_owl
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    Crossfit x3 times a week. Cycling to work and around the town. occasional extra cyclig if i have time and weather is ok.
  • runnerchick69
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    Run, bike, the Arc at the gym and lift weights...I think that covers it :)
  • spzjlb
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    I have a treadmill and elliptical at home, and I use them regularly (sets of 2 min easier pace/resistance alternating with 1 min tough). Also, I jog and hike in the woods near my home. I am a big fan of high intensity circuits with weights that involve compound exercises. My routine is inspired by the New York Times seven-min workout - I do it THREE times through. I've adapted it to include dumbells and ankle weights. I am exhausted and pouring sweat at the end, far more than with the elliptical or treadmill.

    To answer your question about home workouts, I'd really recommend Jillian Michaels. She basically does circuits that are short, 20-30 min. I have her Ripped in 30 and others on MPF like her 30 Day Shred. I don't use her DVDs as a specific plan for a month, but I learn a lot of tough moves from her and I'm sure that your will, too. Some of her workouts are free on the web, so you can get an idea. For me, paying $10 for her dvd was a great investment!

    Good luck. You can do it!!!
  • spzjlb
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    Every time I have tried "traditional" exercise (aerobics, walking, treadmill, gym apparatus, etc) I NEVER stick with it because I hate it and dread "working out". I bought a bike because it is fun to meander around town, listening to tunes, looking at people's landscaping and gardens/home architecture/porches full of junk/pets, etc. The fact that it is "exercise" is just a bonus. I actually look forward to doing it. I started using an app to track my mileage and beause I'm competitive (even with myself) I try to go longer/harder which makes it even better for me exercise-wise. Makes me remember how much I loved it as a kid.

    I also started doing yoga. I'm very anxious and always have my muscles all seized up so I started yoga as a way to try to relieve stress. Again, it is now something I actually look forward to. It doesn't feel like exercise, but makes my stiff, tense body feel good temporarily. Afterwards I'm sore, but not post workout sore...like post massage sore.

    For the first time in my life I don't dread "exercise" because I don't feel like either are "exercise" in my mind...just things I WANT to do that happen to be good for my body.

    Nice post - thanks :)