1 year MFP - 50 lbs lost! (pics)



  • texasfarmer
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  • Stressedby8
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    Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourself! Determination wins!
  • cindys921
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    You look awesome.
  • jenniferann320
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    Amazing, your my motivation!
  • SuggaD
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    Congrats on a fantastic transformation...and the right way. Keep doing what you're doing! :-)
  • maldomaldo
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  • danelutza19
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    Fantastic results SingRunTing!!!
    So happy to be along with you for this ride and I can't speak enough good things about your commitment, dedication, consistency and most important: you're "can do" attitude!!!
    You deserve all the great things you have accomplished and get ready for the many more coming your way!!!
  • jessiruthica
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    Amazing job, Friend! It's been fun to watch your progress on my newsfeed and GREAT to see your progress in pictures. Well done you!
  • cds_momto3
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    That is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your photos. They truly are a great motivator for me to stick with what I'm doing!
  • MynameisJerryB
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  • Randyamc
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    You are awesome!! Great smile!
  • fatblatta
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    well done!
  • jpaulie
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  • ccourcha
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    Very inspiring. If I can drop 50 by this time next year I will be thrilled.
  • Mermaid_s
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    you look amazing :)
  • jj_steele
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    Outstanding! Thanks for sharing. Continued success!
  • Bemix
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    Your smile in the pic with the green shirt is so great. You can really see the pride! Amazing job!
  • dargytaylor
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    what a great achievement!! you look FABULOUS!
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