I've lost 80 lbs! Add me for inspiration!!

juicybravo Posts: 28 Member
When I was new to mfp I loved reading success stories and adding friends who had lost a ton of weight! For inspiration of course lol well I think I can be an inspiration to others. I've lost 80 lbs and continue to lose more.

I dont log my meals but I do log my weight loss.

Add me as friend!! I just created my before and after photos. Posted below!




  • Kmedeiros83
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  • ballardf
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    Hi!! I've lost 65 lbs. Most of it using MFP. I took a few months off and put back on a few pounds. I refuse to be one of the "gained it all back people". Looking for motivation and support!
  • Kerry211168
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    Hey, fantastic results juicybravo! I have around 50 pounds to lose so I hope to have some great before and after pictures to share.