Favorite fitness trackers?

I lost my FitBit somewhere in the move between Nashville and Connecticut :( But I guess that gives me an excuse to buy a new one, right? So what's your favorite fitness tracker and why do you like it? I'm open to any brand, not necessarily just FitBit. Thanks!


  • mang9785
    mang9785 Posts: 162 Member
    I like the Polar FT7 mainly because I don't have to plug it up every night and it's kinda like a real watch. Only annoying thing is using the chest strap for the HRM. It has grown on me, so now I guess I'm getting use to it.
  • dconrad_69
    dconrad_69 Posts: 12 Member
    Vivofit, can be synced with smart phone and keep track of food and excercises
  • myfoodmation
    myfoodmation Posts: 1 Member
    I had the Polar loop but I did not like the way it displayed my progress on the website and app especially when I used the heart monitor... So I got the Fitbit for six months loved it but it went through the wash. So upgraded to the Fitbit charge HR I love it! If you liked the Fitbit then you may like it because it has all the same features and a few extra.
  • PopeyeCT
    PopeyeCT Posts: 249 Member
    I have the Fitbit Charge HR and I really like it.

    Welcome to CT!
  • trina1049
    trina1049 Posts: 593 Member
    I love my Fitbit Charge HR and I use the Polar FT7 at the gym (not for all day wear). Both work great.
  • jessicapk
    jessicapk Posts: 574 Member
    I loved my Fitbit Flex but I adore my Vivofit 2! I never have to charge it and can see my steps even when I've already hit my goal (the Fitbit would just continue flashing all 5 lights). But, I never have to charge it. I cannot stress that enough LOL The inactivity alert is awesome, too. I work a desk job and am somewhat active but it reminds me when I've been sitting too long.
  • eponine1976
    eponine1976 Posts: 143 Member
    It is expensive but I like the features of the soon to be released garmin forerunner 225. They really ought to have a second color though that is a bit more feminine.
  • Angel_Grove_
    Angel_Grove_ Posts: 205 Member
    Misfit Shine - it's super low profile and even a little stylish. Runs for 4-6 months on a watch battery, so no charging. App is simple and easy to use, works with Android and iOS.
  • FitPhillygirl
    FitPhillygirl Posts: 7,124 Member
    Right now I am currently using the Polar FT 7 and like it a lot as just a HRM. However, I am now waiting for the Polar M400 to come in the mail. I ordered that one because it does a lot more than my FT 7. It has a built in GPS so I don't need my iPhone with me to map and track my running and walking workouts. From what I've read it also does a good job at tracking steps and miles traveled during the day and monitors sleep at night.
  • jkleinhesselink
    jkleinhesselink Posts: 12 Member
    I received my Polar M499 in the mail. I prefer cycling over running and I love this watch. GPS built in because I don't have a smart phone(I know, behind times). But it tracks my trip very accurately. I've been on 3 rides, 15+ miles each with it on, I go back to my app and it has my speed and miles traveled, the route right on a map. It is awesome. Not to mention I can input other fitness activities I do. It is not limited to a few. I play softball and it tracks that, swimming and basic steps with calories burned and sleep. The sleep track is basic but I didn't but it for sleep, I bought it for activity! I love it. Eileen, I hope you're not disappointed.
  • mwyvr
    mwyvr Posts: 1,883 Member
    @kgabriele1993 what we need to know first is what types of activities do you want to track?

    Some are very general purpose, others are more specialized. A good choice depends on what is important to you.
  • CassieHalpern
    CassieHalpern Posts: 6 Member
    My fiancé got me the Jawbone UP since it was on clearance at his work and I love it. First fitness bracelet I have owned but I love the convience. I can plug it into the head jack of my phone and download my steps. It has really motivated me to move more especially since having a baby caused me to put on some weight.
  • danielle_vsg
    danielle_vsg Posts: 12 Member
    I love my fitbit flex. It's sleek and I love being able to check my stats on the app.