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  • _dflow
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    kappasutra wrote: »
    The biggest bass ever "lil Wayne, T.I. ,Jeezy, Kanye, and Rick Ross etc! The more bass the more I focus on lifting!!
    yasssss fck jeezy tho

  • Packerjohn
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    Can't go wrong with AC/DC.
  • cfpcyclist
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    csman49 wrote: »
    Nenah - 99 Red Balloons

    Great song!
  • atypicalsmith
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    Cupid's Shuffle. I play it over and over again!
  • celitarichardson
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    I like to watch videos while I workout which is usually in my living room. The videos keep me from thinking too hard about what I'm doing.
  • black2nd
    black2nd Posts: 4 Member
    My playlist for the past two weeks has been the same:

    Wake the Dead - Comeback Kid
    Like Trumpets - With Honor
    High School Was Like Boot Camp For A Desk Job - Death By Stereo
    I Will Be Heard - Hatebreed
    Firestorm - Earth Crisis
    Caboose - Snapcase
    Fearless Vampire Killers - Shai Hulud
    Sangre De Mis Manos - Downset
    Love Will Tear Us Apart - Unbroken
    Live Today - Better Than A Thousand
    Selkies: The Endless Obsession - Between the Buried and Me

    I usually go through this almost twice each workout but it hasn't gotten old yet.
  • PopeyeCT
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    I use the Spotify app. They have a bunch of workout channels. Rock workout, County workout, Hip Hop workout, etcetera.

    I also found this site: it has a bunch of workout playlists that load right into spotify when you click on them.

    And it's all free.
  • DrWhoIsYerDad
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    Snowblind - Black Sabath
    Stiff Upper Lip - AC-DC
    Fight for Your Right - Beastie Boys
    Tribute - Tenacious D
    Drop Dead Legs - Van Halen
    Sympathy for The Devil - Rolling Stones
    Far Behind - Candle Box
    Last in Line - Dio
    Cary On - Fun
    Santa Monica - Everclear
    Come with Me Now - KONGO
    Hey Baby - Ted Nugent
    Wang Dang Doodle - Koko Taylor
  • kjarvo
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    7lenny7 wrote: »
    The Offspring

    The greatest hits is my running playlist. It's perfect. Just enough rage and tempo :)
  • AlciaMode
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    I like listening to Goldfrapp when running. Keeps a good beat and happy thoughts.
  • Lizrobin3108
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    I have a mix radio app on my phone that has workout music by categories. What I like the most about it is that I can take the mixes offline. I don't have wifi outside of my house. :(