❤ 113.6lbs / Over 8 Stone lost after 15 months. Time to recreate those pics! ❤



  • ajelove
    ajelove Posts: 97 Member
    Beautiful before-- healthier and beautiful after. Congrats!!
  • Pammalla
    Pammalla Posts: 71 Member
    Congratulations I just started a few days ago but my starting weight is almost exactly what yours was and next year this will be me you are my inspiration now
  • tigerlilly24
    tigerlilly24 Posts: 130 Member
    You look beautiful and so happy! <3
  • Crumpet_Girl
    Crumpet_Girl Posts: 276 Member
    Great work! Well done
  • debubbie
    debubbie Posts: 767 Member
    Fabulous job! Congratulations on your weight loss. Thank you for sharing you story and inspiring others to keep working to reach their goals! :)
  • jules6669mfp
    jules6669mfp Posts: 446 Member
    amayitux wrote: »
    I'd love to see a pic of you in clothes that are your size now :smiley:

    I will have to take a more recent one soon but this is the most recent I have at the minute :) was taken 2 weeks ago x

    You are beautiful!!! You must be so proud of yourself. You're an inspiration.

  • KrissyRawrz
    KrissyRawrz Posts: 342 Member
    Aww thanks so much everyone! I'm glad posts like this help others :) I'm amazed people are still seeing this post in all fairness haha. I do LOVE looking at others photo successes though x
  • KrissyRawrz
    KrissyRawrz Posts: 342 Member
    I have a more recent picture now as we went out today :)

  • briannadunn
    briannadunn Posts: 841 Member
    Wow!! You look fantastic
  • fadingweight
    fadingweight Posts: 25 Member
    You look beautiful. Absouletly amazing.
  • 2ledbetter
    2ledbetter Posts: 199 Member
    You must be so proud of yourself. You've worked really hard to be so successful. Congratulations !!!
  • SweetAzn
    SweetAzn Posts: 195 Member
    Wow! Such a fantastic transformation! You'll meet your goal in no time!
  • billymacintosh
    billymacintosh Posts: 71 Member
    What an inspiration you look amazing! :)
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