I CANNOT Believe This!!!!

MercuryBlue Posts: 886 Member
Well, I'm sort of just reeling in shock, as I've just finished taking the second picture and viewing it next to the first.

40 days ago, I discovered the LiveFit program online. I took about two weeks to get used to the eating plan before I officially started Phase 1 (because I thought it might be too hard to make too many changes at one time), so as of today I've been eating clean for 40 days, but I'm also on Day 28 of LiveFit, starting Phase 2 tomorrow.

What's got me completely amazed is not so much the difference between the two pictures (I've been working really hard, so I would hope the change was visible!) but the fact that there's only a difference of 1.6 pounds between the two pictures! I've been eating between 1500-1800 calories per day, at about 40/40/20. This is ONLY weight lifting, NO cardio. The cardio isn't introduced in the LiveFit program until Phase 2, which means I'll start it tomorrow.

Can you believe this? I know I still have a long way to go, but seeing the change is unbelievably encouraging to me. I can't wait to see where I'll be in another four weeks!



  • MerinneW
    MerinneW Posts: 67 Member
    Well done you, you look fantastic!
  • Carol_
    Carol_ Posts: 469 Member
    Yes. I see a difference. That was done in 40 days?
  • strong_curves
    strong_curves Posts: 2,229 Member
    Damn!!!!! Thats great progress! :)
  • Alanakrahenbil
    Alanakrahenbil Posts: 811 Member
    That's awesome! Keep up the great work!
  • MercuryBlue
    MercuryBlue Posts: 886 Member
    Carol_ wrote: »
    Yes. I see a difference. That was done in 40 days?

    Yes, just 40 days nutrition-wise, 28-days program-wise. I'm still very shocked by the results! I obviously could feel myself becoming stronger and smaller, but it's one thing to see a gradual change and quite another to see the pictures side-by-side for the first time. :smiley:

  • 999tigger
    999tigger Posts: 5,235 Member
    Thats a really greta change in such a short time. well done.
  • MercuryBlue
    MercuryBlue Posts: 886 Member
    Good job. The change is pretty amazing. Now you have me wanting to look into the live fit program. What is it about it that gave you such good results?

    Thank you! I think what gave me such great results was that it's a "strict" program in the sense that it gave me something to adhere to and didn't leave too much up to me, but was also really flexible in that you're told to eat, say, five egg whites, a serving of carbs, and unlimited veggies for breakfast. The program page contains breakdowns of which foods are on the 'approved' list, and what a portion size is, so you can pick and choose what you like and don't like. The program is for people of all levels, and focuses a lot on the nutrition side of things. The fitness side of things is explained very simply, making it easy to jump in regardless of ability level.

    For me, personally, I find that I do really well with structured programs because I know what to expect and what's coming; but if they're TOO structured, they don't fit in well with my life. This one is pretty balanced, and the recipes are amazing. Plus, it's free! That was a big bonus. ;)
  • BigMamaLynsey
    BigMamaLynsey Posts: 390 Member
    Less than 2lbs in difference?? How's that possible, looks like you lost 7 to 10 pounds roughly, wow. Can you explain how that works lol, I'm shocked, great work though :)
  • KrissyRawrz
    KrissyRawrz Posts: 342 Member
    Wow you look so much slimmer! Well done!
  • Justygirl77
    Justygirl77 Posts: 385 Member
    What a beautiful change! So fast too.
  • MercuryBlue
    MercuryBlue Posts: 886 Member
    Less than 2lbs in difference?? How's that possible, looks like you lost 7 to 10 pounds roughly, wow. Can you explain how that works lol, I'm shocked, great work though :)

    I wish I could explain it! According to the program, the focus is on building and preserving muscle. The first month's focus is largely on lifting and gaining muscle, and then the following months are a combo of cardio and lifting to lose fat. I think a part of it is probably that I'm eating more protein and supplementing. Part of it is probably that the foods I'm consuming are more nutritious, so I'm getting more 'bang for my buck' per calorie (though, I won't lie. I've slipped up here and there, had at least one burger, and generally had days that were a "complete failure" by my standards, though I made a point of getting back at it as soon as possible afterwards).

    The first two weeks, I ate VERY well and drank lots of water, and probably lost close to five pounds. Once I started exercising, the weight starting climbing back up gradually (though I got smaller). If I'm going to be completely honest, I would guess that the (lack of) difference between the two pictures is a combination of a bunch of different things, including a)newbie gains, b)glycogen/fluid retention (I know that's at least part of it, because I can feel it), and c)increased protein intake making me a little less 'regular', if you know what I mean (ew!). I have been eating quite a bit, but not nearly enough to gain a bunch of muscle mass- especially not that fast. The things I mentioned above probably all have played beneficial roles, but I don't know that it's quite as simple as "I'm eating better foods most of the time".

    Of course, that explanation is based on what I've learned from reading. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. :smile:
  • indianarose2
    indianarose2 Posts: 469 Member
    Congratulations!! Glad you found something that works for you! Keep up the good work!!
  • sperkins68
    sperkins68 Posts: 31 Member
    That's awesome! I can't believe its only 1.6 lb difference my guess is you were building muscle while burning fat
  • wesjack777
    wesjack777 Posts: 29 Member
    More to go? You look fantastic right now? Super girl in the making or something.
  • Asher_Ethan
    Asher_Ethan Posts: 2,430 Member
    Wow! What a difference!!!
  • efrensgirl2015
    efrensgirl2015 Posts: 480 Member
  • CJisinShape
    CJisinShape Posts: 1,407 Member
    edited May 2015
    Great results. Looks like 15-20 lb loss to me. What did your workouts look like?
  • creationscrown
    creationscrown Posts: 295 Member
    This is amazing!! Thank you so much!! You can totally see a change!! Post again in a few month so we can we your progress.
  • MercuryBlue
    MercuryBlue Posts: 886 Member
    edited May 2015
    Great results. Looks like 15-20 lb loss to me. What did your workouts look like?

    The first two weeks were four on, three off. Second two weeks were five on, two off. Starting phase 2 today and that's six on, one off.

    The first two weeks are about six or seven exercises each, three sets of twelve reps. Took me about thirty to forty minutes per workout. The second two weeks was usually eight or nine exercises, three sets, but only ten reps because at that point, you're lifting a bit heavier and starting to challenge yourself. Those workouts were typically fifty minutes to an hour. I was able to do phase 1 at home, using free weights and my children for leg work (surprisingly effective, lol), making slight modifications here and there, but still working the target muscles. I think that it would be much harder to do phase two and three at home, at least for me.

    Examples of the types of exercise I did are pushups, pull-ups, bicep curls, weighted squats, lunges, that sort of thing. Nothing overly fancy or complicated. No cardio at all (that starts today!!) though.

    ETA- You can learn more about the program if you Google "Jamie Eason Live Fit". It's free online. I'd post a link, but I don't know if that would violate MFP rules. :)
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