My stomach has been shrinking down, but it's starting to look like I had a vertical c section. Is it normal for the center of the bottom belly to start going in first? It looks funny, but much better then before.


  • jemhh
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    I have noticed that this happens with a lot of women, c-section or not. I didn't have a c-section and mine is a bit like that too.
  • Phoenix_Down
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    Where you lose fat from, as you lose weight, is genetics. I actually hold more fat on my lower stomach than upper. During weight loss, there was a point where it looked like I had a larger stomach because the rest of me had shrunk but my stomach had stayed almost the same.
  • arditarose
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    Yeah, it's fine. It can take awhile for the body to even out. I've had stages in my weight loss where I just look...odd. Now I stopped losing from my waist and my hips, and I lost more right around my hip bone which basically changed the shape of my entire body.
  • Tucker145
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    Thanks sweeties. I was starting to think I'd need a tummy tuck. You all look great.
  • pollypocket1021
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    That's really common, especially if you lose a lot of weight. Kate from Jon and Kate +8 called it her "butt in the front".