I broke my hand :(

yesterday morning started out with a great run. My fastest three mile time. Next stop was the batting cages with my boys. I guess I was a little excited when I went in the softball fast pitch cage. I took a pitch to the hand. The pain isn't too bad but it will be while before I cam run again. And I am in major need of comfort foods. I don't want to completely derail. Any thoughts on healing foods low impact exercise?


  • lishie_rebooted
    lishie_rebooted Posts: 2,993 Member
    You can walk.
    you can ride a bike inside, arc trainer, elliptical, etc.

    You have a lot more options than I did 6 weeks ago when I broke my ankle.
  • KatyE213
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    Not sure how a broken hand stops you running .... you can do lots. Don't let it set you back.
  • Gska17
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    Oh no! I'm so sorry.

    What are your comfort foods? I'm sure we can "low cal" them.
  • NoIdea101NoIdea
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    I feel your pain, i fractured my arm snowboarding back in March; a couple of months later, sling is off and i have 'recovered', but it is still effecting how much i can lift in the gym (not as much as i could lift before). It is really frustrating.

    Do you have a gym membership? It may be worth investing in a temp one until your hand recovers enough to go running and go and use some of the machines, like the static bikes and such.

    As for comfort foods, as the poster above asked, what are they?
  • Chieflrg
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    Broken hand shouldn't keep you from running. If you want to, do it.